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Innovation and Technology

  • Collaborative Development

    Calling all aspiring developers! Join Gilmour Academy in a unique opportunity to hone your skills and contribute to a live web app, Glave, used daily by hundreds. This collaborative course unites graphic artists, web designers, and Python programmers in building a mission-driven platform from the ground up. Master essential skills through practice, gain real-world experience, and work alongside mentors and peers in a supportive environment. Prerequisite: Permission from Instructor
  • Finance/Economics

    (One semester)
    Finance, Economics, and Ethics is an engaging, multidimensional course conducted as a seminar.  The course is designed to help you think more clearly and deeply about a host of topics, including: 
    Personal Finance                
    (Not-)For-Profit Entities
    Income and Expenses        
    Ethics and Morals
    Need for Due Diligence
    Saving and Investing           
    Estate Planning
    Borrowing and Credit         
    Financial Statements          
    Other Related Topics
    Most importantly, over the course of the semester you should more thoroughly develop your own understanding, appreciation, and discipline regarding your personal decision making, financial and otherwise, that you will utilize your entire life, thereby doing so successfully in the way you define success uniquely for yourself.
  • Venture

    (One semester).
    This course combines a hands-on learning experience utilizing the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program with a school-owned, student-run business experience. Students are immersed in the entrepreneurial experience through a group project running a business that enables them to develop creativity, critical thinking, effective problem-solving, teamwork and other entrepreneurial skills that will enable them to succeed regardless of their chosen path.
    Prerequisite: Entrepreneurial Mindset/Management Entrepreneurship
  • 2D Game Design

    Learn the basics of video game design and programming.   Students study basic 2D game physics while programming in a visual, object-oriented environment. We will discuss the fundamentals of creating entertaining gameplay as well as the principles of art asset design. Students will produce sharable reproductions of classic arcade games as well as new concepts of their own.
  • 3D Game Design

    This course continues our study of video game design and programming.  Students will develop 3D games using the Unity engine and the C# programming language. Students will learn object-oriented programming, animation, game physics, particle systems, and publishing using an industry-standard framework. 
    Prerequisite:  2D Game Design, Intro to Programming, or permission of the instructor.
  • 3D Modeling/Fabr.

    3D Modeling and Fabrication focuses on what it means to bring ideas into the physical world. Students will use computer assisted design to digitally plan their inventions. Over the course of the semester, we will bring life to these plans using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines such as 3D printers, mills, and laser cutters.
  • AP Comp Sci A

    This course is a rigorous study of object-oriented programming in Java. Students will be prepared for college-level programming through hands-on problem solving. Course foci include data structures, algorithms, logical expressions, and critical skill of breaking big problems down into smaller, computer-solvable components. Students will take the AP Computer Science A exam at the conclusion of the course. 
    Prerequisite: Algebra AND a previous computer science course or permission of the instructor.
  • Competitive Robotics

    This year-long course exposes students to engineering, programming, and design. Students divide into software and hardware teams to construct a FIRST competition robot. Depending on the sub-team, students will digitally design, machine parts, wire electronics, program control software, and pilot the robot during competitions. This class is a key component of the school’s robotics team. 
    Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor
  • Intro to Mechanical Engineering

    The purpose of this course is to develop students' technical knowledge and skills in a hands-on, collaborative, and authentic learning environment. Students learn the scientific and technical competencies needed to analyze, build, and maintain small engine vehicles. The course intends to instill these practical and intellectual skills in order to produce a more well-rounded, holistically developed student.
  • Intro to Programming

    Intro to Programming starts by familiarizing students with the core components of computers. We seek to welcome students into the study of Computer Science by delving into the logical constructs of programming with simple, fun projects. The second half of the course focuses on an obstacle avoidance algorithm for a Raspberry Pi-based robot. Students will program and test an autonomous robot so that it can navigate its way through a maze.  
    Prerequisite: Algebra I
  • Intro to Web Design

    Intro to Web Design explores the visual art and academic discipline of building stunning, interactive web sites. We will study HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages as well as the fundamentals of graphic arts. The course also focuses on practical aspects of web design and development such as database structures and online hosting. Graduates of this class will be ready to publish professional caliber websites for businesses and projects and of their own. In our final projects, we will put that skill to the test as we offer free web design services to local businesses and organizations.


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