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  • Mrs. Kara Santana MS, ATC, CSCS, PES 

    University Hospitals Drusinsky Sports Medicine Institute Athletic Trainer
    (440) 473-8040

Facilities & Features

  • Delivering the latest techniques for injury recovery and performance enhancement.
  • Facility open during school hours and select after-hours events.
  • Features: Equipment includes but is not limited to  electrical stimulation, low-level laser therapy, ultrasound, hydrotherapy, and ice and compression units. Faculty trainers hold advanced degrees and certifications in sports medicine.


  • Expedited appointments and direct access to the team physician when needed.
  • Access to the Healthy Roster injury tracking program, including the ability for secure communication among athletic trainer, coach, and parents.
  • On-site medical care for home and away practices, events, and competitions.
  • The development of emergency action plans to maintain safety of our athletes.
  • Sports-related educational offerings for athletes, coaches, and parents.
  • Concussion management in collaboration with concussion-trained physicians.
  • Access to a variety of support services including nutritionists, sports psychologists, and sports medicine specialists.
Gilmour Athletics provides world-class sports medicine care for our students and athletes though a partnership with University Hospitals Sports Medicine Program. Our Head Certified Athletic Trainer, Kara Santana, is one of the only full-time, in-house athletic trainers in the state, delivering medical attention to students in need of mild to moderate intervention [attention] and providing education to students interested in pursuing a career in sports medicine. Kara and all UH athletic trainers are schooled in the prevention, examination and diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries and certain medical conditions in order to minimize re-injury and to facilitate the safe return to athletics. Our athletic trainers also participate in UH-sponsored return to play and performance enhancement programs. Other highlights of our sports medicine program include:
  • Arthroscopic Surgery
  • Cartilage Restoration
  • Hip Arthroscopy
  • Ligament Reconstruction
  • Shoulder Surgery
  • Sports Medicine
Dr. Salata is a sports medicine specialist with a clinical focus on cartilage restoration, meniscus surgery and the arthroscopic treatment of orthopaedic pathology affecting the hip, knee, shoulder and elbow.
A University Heights native, Dr. Salata graduated from the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and completed his orthopaedic surgery residency at the University of Michigan Hospitals System. Dr. Salata served as an assistant team physician for the Division I University of Michigan Football and Hockey teams while in Ann Arbor. He also assisted with the coverage of Division I Eastern Michigan University Football and Basketball.
He completed his sports medicine fellowship training at the world-renowned Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. As a sports medicine fellow at Rush, Dr. Salata served as the assistant team physician for the Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Steel and Chicago Public High Schools, gaining experience treating athletes at all levels of competition. After the completion of his sports and shoulder fellowship at Rush, Dr. Salata pursued additional specialized training in the new field of hip arthroscopy in Chicago.
  • Assistant Professor, CWRU School of Medicine
  • Associate Orthopaedist Team Physician, The Cleveland Browns, UH Cleveland Medical Center
  • Director, Joint Preservation and Cartilage Restoration Center, UH Cleveland Medical Center
Contact Kara Santana or view the University Hospitals Sports Medicine Playbook for more information.

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  • Concussion Management

    The recognition and treatment of head injuries has become an important topic for student-athletes and families throughout the country, especially in recent years. As a result, Gilmour Academy is committed to educating its student-athletes and families, while giving them the best possible care through our Sports Medicine Department. The head athletic trainer administers baseline testing for all students in the Middle School and all student-athletes in the Upper School. Use of the ImPACT program assesses the students' abilities prior to any head injury they may suffer during the academic year. This allows the Sports Medicine Department to then create a specialized return-to-school and return-to-play program for each student should they sustain a head injury. Our head athletic trainer is certified in assessing the tests and coordinating all care between the students and their coaches, academic counselors and teachers throughout the recovery phase. There is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to concussion management. The Sports Medicine Department takes into account each student's academic abilities, as well as those assessed by the ImPACT test, in order to create specific modifications for each student, moving both aspects in tandem with the improvement of symptoms during recovery.

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  • Nutrition

    Nutrition is another important element of Gilmour’s Sports Medicine Program. The Gilmour staff firmly believes student-athletes must properly fuel their bodies in order to reap the full benefits offered by the sports medicine program. As a result, they have dedicated time and training to be able to recommend healthy plans for the students, while educating them on the proper way to eat, which not only includes information on what foods are best, but also how much and how often a student-athlete should consume certain foods and liquids. The school is also fully committed to fueling our student-athletes with proper nutrition, providing lunch weekdays to all students as part of the tuition. Lunch includes hot items, soup and salad bar with fresh fruit, infused water and more. 
    All staff members working within the Sports Medicine Department have access to emergency information on all students so that the proper assessment of past history, current conditions, and allergy information can be used to determine the best care for each student.

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  • Strength and Conditioning

    The Strength and Conditioning Program delivers physical fitness and training programs for Gilmour students/athletes to improve their flexibility, speed, agility and strength through individual and group sessions. Students receive expert instruction in the use of weight machines and conditioning equipment as well as tailored conditioning workouts and training programs based on the needs of the athletic teams or individual students/athletes.
    The overall mission of this program is to build strength and flexibility in order to aid in injury prevention and the healthy growth of the student-athlete through fundamental movement and careful attention to technique and form. The program provides customized workouts based on an individual student-athlete’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses. By using a range of simplistic to complex movements through a variety of training methods, student-athletes get a fresh approach for developing their physical performance.
    A National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) oversees the program and its facilities. The CSCS is available weekdays during the school year and throughout the summer months and is available to create custom workouts not only for the student-athletes, but for any employee of Gilmour Academy.
    Workouts are conducted in the Gilmour Academy weight room located in the Ice Center, as well as throughout the outdoors of the 144-acre campus. Some of the more traditional equipment that can be incorporated into the workouts includes treadmills; ellipticals; endurance bikes; power racks; platforms; plyometric boxes; hammer strength equipment; medicine, BOSU and stability balls; balance discs; rubber bands; dumbbells and Universal weight machines. Some of the unorthodox training equipment includes battle ropes, tires, sledge hammers, heavy bags and a Muay Thai bag.
    Because the program is tailored to specific individuals, athletes from all sports have the best possible opportunity to increase their performance as it applies to their specific sport.
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