A student’s relationship with his/her Gilmour Counselor school counselor is vital to their growth academically, socially and spiritually. Counselors work with students individually, in small groups, and in grade-level meetings to provide academic, social/emotional and college/career counseling.
The counseling staff at Gilmour Academy foster scholarship, encourage moral and personal responsibility, cultivate emotional maturity and sensitivity, and elicit the development of decision-making strategies These goals are realized through cooperative efforts involving students, parents, advisors and counselors. Gilmour’s comprehensive program is augmented by pastoral counseling.

Gilmour Academy Counseling Staff

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Meagan Fowler

    Mrs. Meagan Fowler 

    Director of Student Support Services
    (440) 473-8000 x5002
  • Photo of Alison Cymbal

    Mrs. Alison Cymbal 

    School Counselor, US
    (440) 473-8000 x3010
  • Photo of Ivana Didovic

    Ms. Ivana Didovic 

    School Counselor, US
    (440) 473-8000 x3008
  • Photo of Brooke Inghram

    Ms. Brooke Inghram 

    School Counselor, MS
    (440) 473-8000 x5120

List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Elana Law

    Mrs. Elana Law 

    Learning Specialist
    (440) 473-8000 x6107
  • Photo of Linda Levi

    Mrs. Linda Levi 

    Learning Specialist
    (440) 473-8000 x5005
  • Photo of Kathleen Lynch

    Mrs. Kathleen Lynch 

    Administrative Assistant to the Director of Upper School; College Counseling and Student Development
    (440) 473-8000 x3001
  • Photo of Patrick McDermott

    Mr. Patrick McDermott 

    Assistant Director of College Counseling
    (440) 473-8000 x3006
  • Photo of Rebecca Reidy

    Ms. Rebecca Reidy 

    Associate Director of College and Residential Life Counseling
    (440) 473-8000 x3004

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Tracy Stockard

    Mrs. Tracy Stockard 

    Director of College Counseling
    (440) 473-8092 (internal 3005)
  • Photo of Steve Teisl

    Mr. Steve Teisl 

    Counselor, LS
    (440) 473-8000 x6129
  • Photo of Teresa Turocy

    Mrs. Teresa Turocy 

    Learning Specialist
    (440) 473-8000 x6125
  • Photo of Katherine Wetherbee

    Mrs. Katherine Wetherbee 

    Learning Specialist
    (440) 473-8000 x4206
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