Catalyst is an exciting and rigorous science elective that immerses participants in a particular scientific field, giving them new perspectives on the way scientific knowledge is generated. The main goals of the program are to help students discover the nature of science as they increase their abilities to think critically, communicate effectively and learn independently in a research context. Catalyst sets students apart by removing the ceiling of achievement, expanding student comfort zones, and proving student abilities to mentors who can provide impactful college recommendations.
Catalyst requires a high degree of maturity, responsibility and self-motivation. The time and energy commitments are comparable to those of AP science courses. For these reasons and because participants represent Gilmour to the scientific community, students must complete an application process and be accepted into the program. Though competence in science is necessary, admittance depends largely on student habits and attitudes.

Student Presentations


Upon completion of this externship, students will be able to:
  1. Clearly convey scientific information orally and in writing to multiple audiences.
  2. Analyze scientific processes and data, finding patterns, making connections and identifying inconsistencies or contradictions.
  3. Identify and evaluate assumptions.
  4. Evaluate the reliability of evidence.
  5. Find and synthesize information from a variety of sources (experimental and textual) to propose explanations and draw conclusions.
  6. Provide compelling evidence to support all conclusions and generalizations.
  7. Evaluate own understanding, articulate areas of confusion, and take initiative to acquire needed information.

Jake Robida '18, current student at University of Cincinnati

"Even after three years, Catalyst is still playing an important role in my academic career. For my manufacturing processes course, two other mechanical engineers and I are presenting an informational seminar about Additive Manufacturing for Infrastructure. All my work done in Catalyst is being utilized in front of my professor and peers. The Catalyst program not only introduced me to college-level research, but helped me prepare for the challenging coursework and research that is needed to be a successful engineer. I hope students who are thinking of Catalyst hear my story and accept the challenge."

- Ava Thomas '18, current student at Yale University

“First, Catalyst taught me about the community of research including how to collaborate and work with others, share ideas, give scientific presentations and write research proposals. Second, Catalyst exposed me to real research and the ability to independently conduct experiments using techniques such as Western blotting and gel electrophoresis. These are all methods that are utilized in Yale’s classroom when examining scientific research or reading scientific literature. I am a firm believer in the Catalyst program and would encourage those interested in STEM to be a part of the experience."     

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