VECTOR is one of several experiential learning pathways at Gilmour Academy. Like a vector, a student's education has both magnitude and direction. At Gilmour, we believe that a student's voice, passion and interest are the factors that determine how far students can go and on what course they travel. An individual student’s VECTOR is a concentrated set of classes and experiences that begin as early as Grade 9 and are channeled toward a particular theme or field. This results in a curated portfolio of reflections and experiential learning that culminate in a project before graduation.
A key component of a student's VECTOR experience is networking with professionals whose stories and impact resonate with the student's passions. The VECTOR Speaker Series invites professionals from a range of fields to be guest speakers for students in the program. Past speakers have included lawyers, physicians, university professors, small business owners and a Disney Imagineer! 
We are always open to adding new speakers to our roster. Should you be interested in offering your time as a part of the VECTOR Speaker Series, fill out this form and the program coordinator will be in touch with you!
Betsy Tietjen, Coordinator
        In the VECTOR program, you decide your own projects and coursework. Nothing is impossible when you build your own schedule. VECTOR has allowed me to explore all my career interests, no matter how diverse.

~Claudia Winslett ‘18
An independent, Catholic, coed, day and boarding school in the Holy Cross tradition. Toddler-Grade 12.