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This website is a way for students currently in Grades 9-11 and their parents to plan ahead, with information about unique class offerings, academic programs and other opportunities that may be of interest.
Director of Academic Services Dr. James Gutowski has recorded videos about course offerings and course requirements. You will also find detailed information about college planning, next year's schedule, VECTOR program, summer opportunities, service and more.
After reading through the information on this page, please feel free to reach out to any of the counselors or Dr. Gutowski with questions.


Mrs. Meagan "Meg" Fowler '06
Director of Student Support Services
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Mrs. Samantha "Sammy" Froimson '09
Director of Upper School Counseling
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Ms. Alison Meehan
School Counselor, US
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James Gutowski, Ph.D.
Director of Academic Services
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Summer Courses

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  • Chemistry

    Prerequisite: Completed Physics with at least a B average, completed Algebra I and Geometry with an A average.
    Chemistry is an introductory course in which the study of the fundamental properties of matter provides the foundation for the development of both qualitative and quantitative models of chemical systems. The course includes an examination of atomic and molecular structure, chemical reactions, periodicity, the behavior of gases, bonding, solution chemistry, equilibrium, thermo-chemistry, acids & bases, oxidation/reduction and electrochemistry. Laboratory work and related problem-solving exercises are integrated into most aspects of the year's work. This course provides students with an excellent foundation for understanding the molecular aspects of Biology. Fulfill the Chemistry graduation requirement.
  • Cleveland: Mirror of America

    Proctors: Dr. James Gutowski, Director of Academic Services; Instructor in Latin, US
    This course will study pivotal moments in American history by focusing on Cleveland as a microcosm of the United States. We begin by looking at the entrepreneurial endeavors of Moses Cleaveland and Alfred Kelley before moving into a study of the effects of the second industrial revolution which turned Cleveland into the fifth-largest city in the United States by 1930. The class will then shift its focus to the post-World War II era to learn about suburbanization, deindustrialization and efforts at rebirth. This class fulfills part of the Social Studies graduation requirement.
  • Health (Virtual)

    Proctors: Dr. James Gutowski, Director of Academic Services; Instructor in Latin, US
    Ms. Meagan Fowler, Director, Student Support Services
    This is a comprehensive health course, covering topics of mental and emotional health, nutrition and physical activity, social health and relationships, sexual health, personal health and disease, substances and abuse, and injury prevention and safety. This class is graded on a pass/fail basis – students must earn a minimum score of 70% to pass. Because this course is 100% virtual, students may complete the work whenever convenient to them. Final exams must be proctored by Ms. Fowler or Dr. Gutowski. All final exams must be completed by August 5. This class fulfills the Health graduation requirement.
  • Learning Skills

    Instructor: Whitney Daly, Chief Mission Integration Officer
    This class prepares incoming ninth graders for high school curriculum. Students will examine their learning styles and develop skills in time management, organization, note taking, studying and test taking. The course will also explore the importance of critical thinking, problem solving and active reading.

List of 4 items.

  • Physics

    In this course students will gain a functional understanding of the fundamental concepts of physics. Through modeling, guided inquiry, group discussion, and hands-on investigations, students will explore topics in experimental design, logic, kinematics and mechanics (motion, forces, and energy). We will guide them in discovering the nature of science while they develop critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills by designing their own experiments, engineering and building their own structures, analyzing their data, and communicating their results to others. This course focuses on developing concepts, principles and skills that will provide a solid framework for further study of science. Fulfills the Physics graduation requirement.
  • Service and Civic Engagement

    Instructor: Brianna Lazarchik, Instructor in English and VECTOR Program Coordinator
    Rooted in Gilmour Academy's mission to "develop the competence to see and the courage to act," this summer experience will immerse students in the importance of civic engagement and social action. Students will explore strategies for developing their voice through an engaging series of learning experiences, grounded in Catholic Social Teaching and current events. With the goal of "creating a more humane and just society" in mind, this experience will conclude with an action-oriented experiential project that is also eligible for 15 service hours.
  • Speech

    Instructor: Dr. Linda Monitello, Instructor in Theology
    This class is designed to help students develop their skills in public speaking. They learn the speech preparation process, how to combat stage fright and how to adapt to different speaking situations. Students will cover topics such composing their own orations, interpreting other orator’s works, persuasive speaking, informative speaking, and debate. We also will address the changing demands of technology by covering how to effectively use Power Point presentations. This class is an excellent introduction to the art of public speaking and both prepares students for successful speaking in their future endeavors as well as to continue on into competitive speech. The class fulfills the Speech graduation requirement. Please note: a minimum of six (6) students must register for this course to run.
  • Sports Medicine

    Instructor: Ms. Santana, University Hospitals Sports Medicine Institute Athletic Trainer
    This course is designed to introduce the basic concepts of human anatomy, mechanism of injury, and the profession of athletic training. Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of how injuries occur, how to treat and care for them, and how to prevent them. Students will also be able to understand physiological principles as they relate to sport performance.


James Gutowski, Ph.D.
Director of Academic Services
(440) 473-8138
Experiential Learning





Ms. Bri Lazarchik
VECTOR Coordinator
(440) 473-8000 x4201


Students address business and social/business problems by researching issues and developing solutions, then presenting their solutions in a Shark Tank pitch and slide deck environment. The course also looks at today’s Startup culture and creating flexible business models that focus on problem solving, critical thinking skills, customer development and the financial aspects of a business idea and/or startup.
Students interested in pursuing this course should contact their grade-level counselor.

St. Br. André Bessette Service and Justice




Ms. Martha Ligas '09
Service and Pastoral Life Coordinator
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Summer Opportunities

Due to COVID, there have been changes to how summer opportunities are structured so if your student is interested in finding out more information, please contact Bri Lazarchik to set up some time to discuss interests and opportunities.




Ms. Bri Lazarchik
VECTOR Coordinator
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