Person.  Service.  Love

The Glen Oak Scholarship Fund

Dear Glen Oak Alums,
For nearly 40 years, I have been the Chair of the Glen Oak Scholarship Committee. In this role I have had the honor and privilege to observe the enduring mission and philosophy of Glen Oak: Person, Service and Love.
In May of each year we, a committee of Glen Oak graduates, review essays, interview students and award scholarship(s) to young women in their junior year attending Gilmour Academy for their senior year.
I would like to share with you that our endowment fund has served OUR memory of Glen Oak each year by choosing one and sometimes two and three young ladies, much like ourselves with zeal, vision and passion, affording them the opportunity to go to Gilmour Academy.
As I read these essays, I see the spirit of Glen Oak ALIVE in the hearts and minds and activities of these talented young women and marvel that they DO take a small part of Glen Oak with them as they continue on their journey through life.
I would like you to know that in many ways, what we remember as the essence of Glen Oak has been incorporated into the philosophy and fabric of Gilmour Academy and GLEN OAK STILL LIVES in Gates Mills, Ohio.
Mary (Alexander) Ray GO ’75
Over the past 35 years, the Glen Oak Scholarship Review Committee– comprised of Glen Oak alumnae and Gilmour faculty–has granted scholarships to young women who embody the Glen Oak spirit and motto. Since 1985 the Glen Oak Scholarship Fund has been awarded to 67 young women providing more than $80,000 in scholarship support.

Trudy Andrzejewski, Gilmour Academy, Class of 2008

As a 2007 recipient of the Glen Oak Scholarship, I was honored to be affiliated with a group of Cleveland-area women who are committed to being independent thinkers as well as engaged citizens. The Glen Oak Scholarship offered me more than financial support; it invited me into a network of women I respect and continue to learn from on a social, political and professional level.


Mary Alexander Ray ’75
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Patti Pfundstein Miller '85
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