Psychologists generally agree that children are born spiritual and experience a surge of spirituality in adolescence. When their quest for meaning in the world is supported, it can create a system of resilience and capacity to thrive that lasts throughout a person’s entire life, reducing the risk of depression, substance abuse and high-risk sexual behavior while strengthening purpose, drive and optimism.

What’s more, the school environment is recognized as the No. 1 influence on American children’s value systems and sense of social correctness—more than even family. At Gilmour Academy, we nurture the quest for spirituality carefully and with intention. Rather than handing down doctrine, we encourage our students to ask big questions and seek answers, embolden them to form deep friendships and connect with the world around them and provide every opportunity for inward reflection.

Inspired by the Holy Cross charisms of hospitality and inclusivity, Gilmour Academy welcomes students of all religious and spiritual backgrounds. Approximately 20 percent of our students practice faiths other than Catholicism.

~ Alumna testimonial

“Being a Hindu and going to a Catholic school, it may seem that you would be looked down upon for having a different religion, but in reality, every single day, Father John encourages me to continue on my own journey of faith.”
An independent, Catholic, coed, day and boarding school in the Holy Cross tradition. Toddler-Grade 12.