Annual Upper School Awards Ceremony

On May 17, we hosted the annual Upper School Awards ceremony. You can view photos of the ceremony here. Congratulations to the following students who were recognized for their achievements.
Speech and Debate recognition
Matthew Lewis '27 - Level of Merit and OSDA state qualifier
Thomas Daly '27 - Level of Merit, State Qualifier, National Qualifier and World Schools Debate Team
Anna Johannessen '25 - Level of Merit and OSDA state qualifier
Ian Miller '25 - Level of Excellence and OSDA state qualifier
Charlie Jablonski '25 - Level of Excellence and OSDA state qualifier
Luke Peterson '25 - Level of Special Distinction, OSDA state qualifier, NSDA national qualifier
Non-NSDA Speech Events
Esther Dai '26 - First Place District Winner, Rotary Club Speech Competition 

Art Awards
Excellence in Drama Awards: presented to students who have participated in both the fall and spring productions and demonstrated a clear commitment to the Drama Club
Mikyra Elston '25, Kylie Lavalley '26, Charles Sustar '25, Sophia Velotta '26
Excellence in Technical Theater Award: presented to students who have gone above and beyond on the stage crew for the fall and spring plays
Anastasiia Duravkina '26, AJ Lowery '25
Excellence in Music Award - presented to deserving members of the Pops Ensemble who have displayed exceptional development, enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to the art of music
JJ Cistone '26, Will Scott '26, Jack Overman '25
Distinction in Digital Media: recognizes students who have continually showcased hard work, creativity and dedication to the Digital Media Program
Mikyra Elston '25, Brendan Hearns '26, Holly Hunter '26, Theophany Goudas-Ksenyak '27, Evan Saline '26, Kingston Seals '26, Caleb Henderson '27, Benjamin McAuley '27,
Daniel Vihavainen '25, Gabriel Souto '26
Fantastical Art Award: recognizes students who are passionate about art, always thinking about how to create “outside of the box” and who continue to ask “what if?”
Morgan Pfundstein '27, Yelena Wang '27,
Evan Mansour '26, Amil Shomo '26, Kingston Seals '26, Brooklyn Phillips '26,
Ella Wiley '26, Vilne Zulkute '26,
Nick Iademarco '25, Darby Marshall '25

Subject Awards
Spanish Awards: presented to the students who have demonstrated a true passion for and a genuine interest in the study of Spanish while maintaining a superior academic average
Spanish 1 Award
Aiden Pike '27, Yelena Wang '27, Campbell Hairston '27
Spanish 2 Award
Anastasiia Duravkina '26, Sanjeethi Anand '27, Sophia Radolovic '27, Naya Hilal '27, Kelsey Pattison '27
Spanish 3 Award
Evan Lindley '27, Joseph Vitale '25, Darby Marshall '25, Madelyn Donnely '25,
Emily Currid '26, Holly Hunter '26
Spanish 4 Hispanic Culture Past & Present
Marlie Davis '25, Steven Ingram '26
Spanish 4 Pre-AP
Roma Alvarez '26, Allee Bell '26, Alexander Batchik '26, Bruno Cook '27
AP Spanish
Carter Richmond '25
Hispanic Language and Culture
Madelyn Nye '25, Justin Switzer '26
Latin Awards: presented to the students who have demonstrated a true passion for and a genuine interest in the study of Latin while maintaining a superior academic average
Latin 1
Dominic Bellini '26, Gianna Lucci '27
Latin 2
JJ Cistone '26, Ava Hirsch '26, Valentina DiCenso '26, Chloe Stevens '26
Latin 3
Michael Soeder '25, Ian Miller '25
Latin 4
Joseph Carino '25
French Awards: presented to the students who have demonstrated a true passion for and a genuine interest in the study of French while maintaining a superior academic average
French 1
Taylor Thomas '27
French 2
Ciara Johnson '26
French 3
Iulius Braho '27
French 4
Esther Dai '26
English Language Studies
Shihan (Abby) Li '27
English Awards
The John Gale Award: presented to the top Language Arts students at each grade level
Grade 9: Thomas Daly '27, Sanjeethi Anand '27
Grade 10: Steven Ingram '26, Holly Hunter '26
Grade 11: Bryce Beard '25, Lilly Parras '25
The Holy Cross Award in Literature: presented to the student who demonstrates the capacity to act as an agent of change and to raise the bar for those around them
Luke Peterson '25
Mathematics Award: recognizes students who take risks in the classroom by asking questions, demonstrate genuine interest in mathematical topics by learning independently, investigate their own approach to problem-solving, show solid effort and achievement, and are genuinely engaged and willing to help others
Grade 9: Sanjeethi Anand '27, Evan Lindley '27, Benjamin McAuley '27, Olivia Slocum '27, Yelena Wang '27, Linghan (Andy) Zeng '27
Grade 10: Esther Dai '26, Holly Hunter '26, Sibo (Steven) Wang '26
Grade 11: Vincent D'Angelo '25, Ian Miller '25, Luke Peterson '25, Joseph Vitale '25
2023 Rensselaer Medal: presented to a promising rising senior who is in the top 10% of the class and excels in math and science
Aisling McFadden '25
Science Awards: presented to students who have demonstrated boundless passion for the subject and curiosity to know and learn, have achieved mastery of the content, and are a positive presence in the classroom and a good role model for their peers
Physics Award: Ta'nija Brown '27, Madelyn Donnelly '25, Linghan (Andy) Zeng '27
AP Physics 2: Esther Dai '26
AP Physics C: Carter Richmond '25
Chemistry: Holly Hunter '26, Xinyue (Corina) Li '26, Evan Lindley '27, Eva Savelli '26,
Abbey Steiner '27, Emily Stickle '27, Yuetong (Tinsley) Zhang '26
AP Chemistry: Esther Dai '26, Ian Miller '25
Biology: Aubrey Anders '25, Alexander Batchik '26, Bryce Beard '25, Nate Lindley '26,
Carter Richmond '25, Conor Tietjen '26, Addison Wagner '25,
Jacob Williams '25, Joseph Vitale '25
Social Studies Awards: honor students who have excelled in each of the history disciplines, showed true passion for the topics covered, have gone above and beyond as history students and served as exemplary role models for their peers
Grade 9: Charles Thomas '27, Camden Dreiling '27, Evan Lindley '27,
Morgan Pfundstein '27
Grade 10: Ralph Asher '26, Valentina DiCenso '26, Holly Hunter '26, Eva Savelli '26,
Allee Bell '26, Nate Lindley '26, Gabriel Souto '26
Grade 11: Bryce Beard '25, Vincent D'Angelo '25, Anna Johannesen '25,
Luke Peterson '25, Carter Richmond '25, Joseph Vitale '25
Specialty Awards
Glen Oak Scholarship: awarded annually to a young woman/young women in Grade 11 who best represents the spirit of Glen Oak School
Gracie Hruska '25, Anna Johannessen '25

University Medal and Leadership Awards
University of Rochester Bausch & Lomb Science Award: recognizes outstanding high school science students who are completing their junior year
Ian Miller '25
The University of Rochester Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award: recognizes commitment to understanding and addressing difficult issues, leadership and dedication to community action, and strong grades in rigorous humanities and social science courses
Mikyra Elston '25
Rochester Institute of Technology Art & Design Award: recognizes outstanding high school students who demonstrate high achievement in art, design and creativity
Liam Flynn '25
Rochester Institute of Technology Business and Leadership Award: recognizes outstanding high school students who demonstrate an interest and ability in business, leadership and entrepreneurship
Zihao (Jack) Guo '25
Rochester Institute of Technology Women in STEM Award: recognizes outstanding female high school students who have demonstrated high achievement, ability and interest in science, computing, robotics and/or math
Anna Johannessen '25

Rochester Institute of Technology Computing Medal: recognizes outstanding high school students for their leadership, service, and achievements in computing or creativity and innovation
Vincent D'Angelo '25

University Book Awards
University of Notre Dame Book Award: recognizes a junior who loves learning and sees beyond grades; desires to use her or his intellectual talents for the betterment of the world and the Church; is a leader inside the classroom; occupies a position of leadership in the areas of student government, publications, athletics or any other important aspect of school life; gives of herself or himself in service to others; and takes his or her faith life seriously
Liam Flynn '25
Harvard Book Award: originated by Harvard Alumni in 1910 as part of an effort to attract the attention of talented students to the opportunities in Cambridge
Luke Peterson '25
Yale Book Award: recognizes a junior who demonstrates outstanding personal character and intellectual promise
Ian Miller '25
Service and Character Awards
Leadership in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:  presented to the current Gilmour Academy Civic Engagement Team Justice Leaders who work toward equity and diversity within our Gilmour community through their leadership and sense of justice
Mikyra Elston '25
Br. Richard Keller Service Award: recognizes student leaders who have demonstrated reaching out to the community with zeal, hospitality and inclusiveness in a sincere effort to serve those having limited resources
Grade 9: Naya Hilal '27, Thomas Daly '27
Grade 10: Javi Swinarski '26, Sophia Velotta '26
Grade 11: Zoe Hayek '25, Carter Richmond '25
Chaplain's Awards: presented to students who go about giving daily witness to their faith and living our Holy Cross Mission
Grade 9:
Ta'nija Brown '27, Dominic Dunlevy '27, Melanie Haberman '27,
Theophany Goudas-Ksenyak '27, Benjamin McAuley '27, Kate Papczun '27, Aiden Pike '27, Brayden Titas '27, Kaya WIlson '27
Grade 10:
Roma Alvarez '26, Charissa Baleskie '26, Blake Baskin '26, Alexander Batchik '26,
Elizabeth Covington '26, Zachary Cox '26, Emily Currid '26, Valentina DiCenso '26, Brendan Hearns '26, Steven Ingram '26, Haley Martin '26, Javi Swinarski '26
Grade 11:
Joseph Carino '25, Alexander Chadwick '25, Mi-Na Diggs '25, Zoe Hayek '25,
Darby Marshall '25, Gianna Minotas '25, Jacklyn Rulison '25, Jesse Schadick '25,
Lily Sell '25, Drew Semancik '25, Tia Shaw '25, Jordan Shininger '25,
Michael Soeder '25, Jacob Williams '25
Blessed Basil Moreau Award: recognized by their peers and affirmed by the faculty, recognizes students who live as Holy Cross people by exhibiting a genuine desire to learn and embodying the core values of Holy Cross
Grade 9:
Carla Grossner '27, Bruno Cook '27
Grade 10:
JJ Cistone '26, Sophia Velotta '26
Grade 11:
Molly McCrone '25, Zachary Titas '25
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