Welcome to Gilmour Academy, Where Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Thrive!
At Gilmour Academy, we are dedicated to fostering a community where every voice is valued, and every individual's uniqueness is celebrated. This year’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion theme:  “Belonging through Cultural Connections” encapsulates our commitment to creating a more inclusive environment where everyone feels a deep sense of belonging, respect and appreciation for diverse backgrounds. 
Here's how our DEI program brings our community together:
Community-Building Through "We All Belong Here" Puzzle:
Just like the pieces of a puzzle, each of us is uniquely created and destined to contribute to the greater whole. The Gilmour community comes together to decorate puzzle pieces, symbolizing our diverse strengths. When assembled, they form a complete picture, representing both unity and diversity.
Showcasing Diversity at the Culture Fair:
Led by our dedicated Civic Engagement Team, the Culture Fair is a vibrant celebration of the rich diversity within our student and staff community. It's an opportunity to explore and appreciate the various cultures, traditions and backgrounds that make us unique.
Check out the DEI Corner in the Weekly Parent Newsletter:
Stay up-to-date on DEI activities and events in the DEI Corner of the Parent Newsletter. From heartwarming stories to upcoming events, it's a window into our unwavering commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.
Affinity Spaces for Shared Belonging:
We understand the importance of finding one's place. That's why our affinity spaces provide students with shared interests and cultural backgrounds a sense of belonging. It's here that connections are forged and individuality is celebrated.
Affinity Open Sessions for Understanding:
Engage in meaningful conversations through our open sessions. Open to all community members, these sessions provide a platform for empathy and understanding. They're an opportunity to appreciate and learn from one another's unique perspectives.
Through our DEI program, we're not only restoring and building relationships, but we're also shaping a community where every member feels heard, valued and cherished. We are creating a future that embraces the beauty of our diverse world. 
Welcome to Gilmour Academy, WHERE WE ALL BELONG.
In unity,
JaiCynthia Farmer
Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer 

DEI Staff

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  • Photo of JaiCynthia Farmer

    Ms. JaiCynthia Farmer 

    Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer
    (440) 473-8000 x4005
  • Photo of Crystal Patrick

    Ms. Crystal Patrick 

    Chief Human Resource Officer
    (440) 473-8000 x1004
  • Photo of Evan Richard

    Mr. Evan Richard 

    Education Consultant, EID Consulting
    (440) 473-8000 x4004

Inclusion Statements

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  • Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

    Gilmour Academy recognizes, embraces, celebrates and values that each member of our community is unique and that diversity is a highly valued principle of our institution. As a school, we are focused on increasing the diversity of the Gilmour community; promoting equal employment opportunities; ensuring nondiscrimination in all aspects of our programming and instruction; and preventing implicit bias in the actions of members of the Gilmour community. Further, we prioritize being an inclusive community that engages groups of diverse individuals and allows them to connect in ways that increase each participant’s awareness, knowledge and empathetic understanding. We are committed to creating an environment where underrepresented populations have equal access to resources and opportunities to learn and grow in the most holistic fashion.
    At Gilmour Academy, equal opportunity assumes that the concept of merit, based solely upon a person’s ability to perform their job duties and academic responsibilities, will govern all personnel and educational decisions. Gilmour Academy is committed to achieving equal opportunity through proactive measures, which require intentional efforts to recruit, admit, employ, compensate, understand and promote/transfer members of groups previously underrepresented. Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy Statement is meant to ensure equitable opportunities, consideration and treatment for all current and prospective students and employees.
    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Gilmour Academy is more than mere compliance with laws and regulations. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion benefit our community by promoting an inclusive environment free from constraint on the basis of culture, race, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, age, religion, family structure, relationships or economic status. Gilmour Academy offers students, faculty, staff and administrators a home rooted in the Holy Cross charisms, specifically hospitality and inclusivity. It is an institution that develops in its community members the competence to see and the courage to act in creating a more humane and just society, as stated in the school’s Mission Statement. Gilmour Academy foster fair and just leadership, expands minds, opens hearts, broadens awareness, refines skills and challenges individuals to grow. Through the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy Statement, we encapsulate these characteristics to make all aware of the value we at Gilmour Academy place on this expected experience. Our task is a focused one that takes on a complex issue; it is one that calls us to demonstrate how diversity, equity and inclusiveness in all areas can directly influence the culture of Gilmour Academy and enhance the experience of its community members. The mission and culture of Gilmour Academy can never be mandated and protected by statements alone. Action is required through the continued use of targeted and specific programs that address both the systemic and systematic oppression facing our society. As a school community, our support for efforts to achieve diversity, equity and inclusion in our student, faculty, staff and administrative populations is continuous and is based upon the following belief:
    Diversity, and its inclusive practices, are an educational function of paramount importance to the Gilmour Academy community. Additionally, the value that diverse and inclusive practices and focus provide in the development of our students, faculty, staff and administrative populations aids in creating a world of just, humane, competent and decent individuals.
  • Non-Discrimination Policy

    Gilmour Academy does not discriminate in its hiring or admission on the basis of culture, race, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, age, religion, family structure, relationships or economic status.

Affinity Spaces and Clubs

Affinity Spaces (spaces to interact and discuss topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion with people who have a shared likeness)
Clubs (groups of students from a range of backgrounds with a shared interest)
Below are our Affinity Spaces and Clubs. These spaces provide a safe space for members to connect, share experiences, and support each other in navigating the world, whether socially and/or academically to promote understanding, acceptance and inclusion.

Diversity Clubs

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  • Black Student Alliance

    where black students can gather to discuss issues affecting the Black community, celebrate their culture and collaborate on events
  • Civic Engagement Team

    dedicated group of students who share a strong commitment to civic-minded principles allowing them to collaborate, learn and work together toward creating positive change within the school and in the wider community
  • International Club

    seeks to celebrate the cultural richness of our student body and the international presence that exists within it
  • Jewish Heritage Club

    dedicated environment where students who identify with Jewish culture, heritage and experiences come together along with their allies to connect with others who share similar backgrounds and traditions
  • Lancer Alliance

    where LGBTQ+ or non-heteronormative students and their allies can come together to share experiences and discuss relevant topics related to those experiences
  • Neurodiversity Club

    dedicated environment for students who identify as neurodivergent aimed at promoting understanding, acceptance and inclusion for students who have atypical neurological development (e.g., autism, ADHD, dyslexia and others)

    (Although “neurodiversity” is usually used to describe a group of neurodivergent individuals, it also refers to all of humankind because everyone has a unique way of processing information.)
  • Pan-Asian Heritage Alliance

    where Asian students can explore their cultural heritage, address common challenges and engage in conversations about Asian identity

DEI Strategic Goals

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  • Diverse Community

    We work to promote a diverse, inclusive, just community rooted in the Holy Cross mission and charisms where every student feels they belong.
  • Education

    We provide opportunities for all stakeholders to develop or increase their cultural competency with principles of inclusivity, belonging, justice and liberation. 
  • Equitable Experiences

    We ensure these experiences by providing access to resources, outcomes, relationship formation and identity development, promoting the ideals of human dignity and respect.
  • Engagement

    Inspired by the Catholic social justice teachings and viewed through the lens of awareness, analysis and action we work to instill empathy. Empathy leads to compassion, which leads to understanding and connection.
  • Accountability

    Using the Holy Cross charisms as guideposts on the path to equality, bring about healing and authentic change through the use of restorative practices and by revisiting policies and procedures to ensure equity.
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