The Gilmour Academy Civic Engagement Team is a student organization committed to the cultivation and education of inclusive and civic-minded beliefs within the Gilmour community and beyond. Our Justice Leaders are caring, culturally competent and engaged as they strive to inform and empower action toward change in the Gilmour community. Through brave conversations, courageous action and empathetic leadership we hope to uphold Gilmour's mission in creating a more humane and just society.
Team members (pictured above): Meghan Bhanoo, Amiya Conwell, Elizabeth DeChellis, Raleigh Guice, Veronica Khula, Cedric Li, Kendall Long, Teeba Marlowe, Lucia Martino, Madison Maynard, Ms. Hullum (faculty team leader), Grace Meine, Nina Padanilam, Jayla Pleasant, Jillian Robida, Harrison Rogers, Brandon Rose, Desiree Smith, Claire Thielman, Michael Tippen, Trinity Turk


Over the course of four weeks, all 20 members of Gilmour's Civic Engagement Team received Student Facilitation Training, learning how to be effective facilitators and gaining skills such as active listening and effective communication, critical analysis and conflict resolution.

Upcoming Event

Members of the Civic Engagement Team will now be partaking in six self-identity training sessions. These students will be asked to take an honest look at themselves as they determine who they are. Not only will this skill benefit them while at Gilmour, but it will foster security in their identity throughout life. Conversations about race, gender identity, sexual orientation and neurodiversity may be uncomfortable at times and being able to discuss these topics shows the leadership and maturity of the Civic Engagement Team.


Meetings are currently held virtually. Civic Engagement Team meetings are a safe space where students grow together as they enrich themselves in cultural competency and communication skills.
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34001 Cedar Road, Gates Mills, Ohio 44040
phone: (440) 473-8000

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