This Virtual Visit page was created in 2020 when visiting in person was not possible in an effort to give families a better idea of what life at Gilmour is like. Most videos were recorded during the 2020-2021 school year, and thus not all content will pertain to the current school year.

Lower School

At Gilmour’s Lower School, our teachers love what they do and, each day, bring learning to life for their students. Our intentionally small class sizes allow us to provide a truly personalized experience. Using hands-on lessons, cutting-edge technology tools, interdisciplinary units and the endless opportunities for discovery that our 144-acre campus provides, our core subject teachers provide their students with a relevant and rigorous curriculum that is then complemented by our specials offerings. The best part? Our students are having so much fun, they don't even realize all the learning that's happening!
    • Mr. Jay Fowler '00

      Director of the Lower School

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      Montessori Toddler and PreK, Kingergarten - Grade 6



As we work to educate the whole child, specials play an important role. From beginning Spanish instruction in PreK to learning a new instrument every year to swimming and ice skating during PE class, Gilmour's Lower School provides students with robust and engaging experiences to complement the daily classroom experience in the core subject areas.
    • Performing Arts

      Ms. Caroline Vickers

      Instructor in Music, PreK-12

    • Physical Education

      Mr. Brian Minotas '96

      Instructor in Physical Education, LS

    • Spanish

      Ms. Emily McQuiston

      Instructor in World Languages, PreK-6

    • Technology

      Mr. Brian Hill

      Instructional Technologist, LS

    • Theology

      Dr. Jennifer Moe

      Instructor in Theology, LS

    • Visual Arts

      Mrs. Eileen Sheehan

      Instructor in Art, K-6


Hear from our parents

Gilmour is an incredible school ... it's much more than just a school. It's a community and they definitely go out of their way, everybody - the staff, the administration - really go out of their way to make it a welcoming place for anybody. It's pretty special. —Tom Nemeth (Sophie '33)

Middle and Upper Schools

Gilmour’s Middle and Upper Schools provide students with a huge number of opportunities to discover their talents and pursue their passions, all against the backdrop of our mission, which reminds us that we must "develop the competence to see and the courage to act in creating a more humane and just society." Students are provided every tool - from developing their public speaking skills, to choosing from a host of AP courses, to participating in yearly retreats and a variety of service opportunities, to engaging in extracurriculars - to become the next generation of leaders. Wherever your interests lie, there is a place for you here at Gilmour. Welcome!
    • Ms. Elizabeth Edmondson

      Director of the Upper School

    • Dr. Tym Tagliaferro

      Director of the Middle School


Hear from some of our core subject teachers

Gilmour's incredible teachers coupled with our intentionally small class sizes allow for a highly rigorous, yet highly personalized academic experience. Our teachers are passionate about Gilmour, our mission and their subject matter. But, most importantly, they are unwavering in their commitment to their students.
    • Mrs. Terri Littlejohn

      Instructor in Mathematics, MS/US

    • Mr. Ric Doringo

      Instructor in Social Studies, US

    • Ms. Jessica Simonetta '05

      Instructor in Science, US


Hear from a few of our department directors

    • Athletics

      Mr. Sean O'Toole and Ms. Kennedy Clyde

      Director and Associate Director

    • Student Support Services

      Mrs. Meg Fowler '06


    • College Counseling

      Mrs. Tracy Stockard



Get a glimpse of LancerNation

We hope you've enjoyed getting to meet some of our students and teachers through these short videos. We have one more before you's Gilmour in a nutshell. Go Lancers!
    • Middle and Upper School


Signature Initiatives

Our signature initiatives are programs we offer that are uniquely Gilmour. They provide our students with a variety of opportunities to extend their learning outside the classroom, allowing each student to confidently take charge of their educational experience. Our Nature-Based Learning; Mission, Service and Justice; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; and Wellness programs provide students in our Lower, Middle and Upper Schools engaging, interdisciplinary lessons and experiences. We have additional signature initiatives offered for our Middle and Upper School students, providing them access to even more opportunities for growth through hands-on learning and real-world experiences. These include our LancerTech, Experiential Learning, Digital Media, and Fine and Performing Arts programs.
All-School Initiatives
    • Nature-Based Learning

      Ms. Darci Sanders


    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

      Ms. NaNetta Hullum


    • Mission, Service and Justice

      Mrs. Whitney Daly

      Director of Mission Integration

    • Wellness

      Ms. Katie Gallagher


Middle and Upper School Initiatives
    • LancerTech

      Mr. Dan Adiletta

      Director of Academic Technology; Instructor in Computer Science

    • Experiential Learning

      Bri Lazarchik

      VECTOR Coordinator

    • Digital Media

      Mr. David Kilkenney

      Instructor in Music

    • Fine and Performing Arts

      Mr. Lucas Clark

      Program Coordinator

    • Fine and Performing Arts

      Ms. Susan Southard

      Instructor in Art, MS and US

    • Fine and Performing Arts

      Mr. Mark Most

      Instructor in Art, US

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