Cum Laude Society Inducts 12 Newest Members

On Tuesday morning we inducted 12 seniors into the Cum Laude Society. The organization honors scholastic achievement and recognizes students who demonstrate the society's tenets of areté (excellence), diké (justice) and timé (honor). The inductees include (top row L to R) Zach Mangel ’21, James Zhou ’21, Eric Brandt ’21, Julia Pangonis ’21, (middle row L to R) Elizabeth Horwitz ’21, Daniel Botek ’21, Gwen Mascha ’21, Mollie Edmondson ’21, (bottom row L to R) Emily Klika ’21, Maya Moufawad ’21, Brinn MacLellan ’21 and Yuqi Zhou ’21.

After students received their Society certificates from Mrs. Edmondson, they were treated to words of wisdom from Mr. Matt Lindley ’89, a 24-year veteran teacher at Gilmour, cross country coach extraordinaire and father of three Gilmour students (and also a former Jeopardy! contestant!). In reflecting on the Cum Laude principles of areté, diké and timé, Mr. Lindley said he could have pointed to individuals in history as examples of people who lived by these principles, but realized he had plenty of examples in the teachers he had during his years at Gilmour. He cited a host of faculty members and the way they influenced him with their commitment to excellence, justice and honor.

But, the man who he felt embodied these characteristics to his core was Mr. Tiho Teisl, through his passion for his students and players here at Gilmour, as well as the people of Honduras. Mr. Lindley closed by reminding students to look around them for the people in their lives who model areté, diké and timé and try to be like them. He noted that they don’t have to be an Abraham Lincoln or a George Washington to have an impact. He said, “Just be a little more like Tiho Teisl and the world will be a much better place.”

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