Such a Ham...for Radio!

Gilmour’s Amateur Radio Club, properly identified by its call sign ND8GA, is an FCC-licensed organization. All amateur radio, known as “ham,” is regulated by the FCC and must also follow numerous international agreements. Currently moderated by Br. Kenneth Kane (KG8DN), Gilmour’s ham club’s mission is to:
  1. Promote awareness of amateur (ham) radio as a useful and enjoyable hobby;
  2. Provide students and adults with the use of school equipment in advancing the hobby;
  3. Enhance communication skills and technical knowledge among its members;
  4. Support students and adults as they choose to study for appropriate FCC licenses;
  5. Develop a cadre of students and adults competent to provide communications in the event of public emergencies;
  6. Facilitate communications within Gilmour Academy and in the Greater Cleveland area.
As a member of the ham club, students have the unique opportunity to combine broadcast journalism and STEM skills. Their activities are wide-ranging - from helping scouts with their annual jamboree to offering support for events such as marathons and even the Senior Games!
Ham club members not only have the fortune of working with the public, their endeavors allow them to reach across the world as well.
To hone their skills, students use a technique known as “fox hunting.” The fox is a small, hidden transmitter and the hunter is the machine that helps find the fox. As the hunter gets closer to the fox, the signal on the hunter becomes stronger. Prior to beginning the hunt, students identify the frequency of each transmitter and are given a radius in which the transmitters can be located.
This year, Gilmour’s ham was visited by Bob Leskovec (K8DTS), who provided a fascinating talk about how he built a working transceiver (combination transmitter and receiver) from China at a cost of about $4.
There is no question of the benefit and impact of Gilmour’s ham club and two current students, Olivia Caruso '20 and Mark Hansen '21, have already been licensed. Take a look at photos from some of the club’s adventures.
Members of the 2017-2018 Gilmour Amateur Radio Club are as follows:
Asya Akkus '21
Amber Chen '18
Beryl Chen '18
Hannah Dong '18
Coco Gan '19
Mark J. Hansen, KE8BMF '21
Meimei Cao '18
Michelle Wang '19
Mr. Chris Grau (Director of Technology)
Olivia Caruso, KE8HLJ '20

Mailing Address

34001 Cedar Road, Gates Mills, Ohio 44040
phone: (440) 473-8000

Campus Addresses
An independent, Catholic, coed, day and boarding school in the Holy Cross tradition. Toddler-grade 12.