Quinn L'Esperance ’19

Quinn L'Esperance ’19 had dreamed of becoming a performer.
Now, that dream has started to become a reality. In 2020, she released four singles and saw her musical efforts pay off. Every Tuesday, she performed on Facebook and Instagram Live, where she continued to build her audience.
Quinn also acts in a web series that’s been keeping her busy. However she’s performing, it’s most meaningful when the performances hold greater purpose. Spreading positive messages is a priority for Quinn, as she strives to write songs that bring visibility to people who rarely experience it.
She wrote her most recent single, “Dance in the Garden,” for her brother, Connor, who has autism and epilepsy. And she uses her voice - quite literally - to advocate for the special needs community. Connor himself appears in the “Dance in the Garden” video, along with some of his friends.
“That boy is my pride and joy,” Quinn says. “He is such a light.
Being able to shoot the video with him was so meaningful.”
The L'Esperance family has started a nonprofit, Connor’s Hope, which provides access to goods and services to enrich the lives of young adults with special needs. As children with special needs transition into adulthood, the organization aims to make the change more seamless.
In October, Quinn participated in an Autism Speaks virtual fundraiser where her “Dance in the Garden” video was shared, and she continues to use her talents to raise awareness.
She acquired her leadership skills at Gilmour, where she served as drama club president and cheer captain. Quinn credits her experience under Gay Janis with preparing her for the move to Los Angeles.
“I learned so much from her, about how to command a room and get people’s attention,” Quinn says. “My professional experience has only built upon that.”
Quinn knows she’s creating something unique. She’s courageous enough not to give in to mainstream demands. To others with a greater purpose driving their art, she has this to say: “If you’re doing something different and you love it, embrace it and follow your heart. Because you will be successful. You will be more successful than anyone who would question what you’re doing. Because fear will hold them back.”
Learn more about Connor’s Hope and how to donate to the cause at connorshope.com.

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