Annual Upper School Awards Ceremony Held Wednesday

On Wednesday morning, we hosted the annual Upper School Awards ceremony. Congratulations to the following students who were recognized for their achievements.
Speech and Debate recognition
Samantha Stutler ’24 - OSDA state qualifier, Level of Merit
Lauren DiMenna ’24 - Level of Merit
Julia Morgan ’24 - OSDA state qualifier, NSDA national alternate, Level of Merit
Franklin Vergilii ’23 - OSDA state qualifier, Sons of the American Revolution award winner
Lauren Kastelic ’22 - OSDA state semifinalist, NSDA national alternate, Level of Distinction
Desiree Smith ’22 - Level of Honor
Faith Smolik ’22 - OSDA state qualifier and fourth-place finisher, NSDA national qualifier, Level of Special Distinction
Arianna DiMenna ’22 - Level of Special Distinction
Grace Gainar ’22 - OSDA state quarterfinalist, NSDA national qualifier, Level of Special Distinction
Abigail Edmondson ’23 - OSDA state quarterfinalist, Level of Honor
Edith Tomasek ’23 - Level of Honor
Clara Morgan ’22 - OSDA state qualifier and fourth-place finisher, NSDA national qualifier, Level of Outstanding Distinction
Elisa Flynn ’22 - OSDA state qualifier, Level of Distinction
Megan Mlinaric ’22 - OSDA state qualifier, Level of Distinction
Art Awards
Excellence in Drama Awards
Grade 9: Amiya Conwell ’24
Grade 10: Caitlin Ford ’23
Grade 11: Trinity Turk ’22 and Eve Pahoresky ’22
Excellence in Technical Theater Award: presented to student who has gone above and beyond on the stage crew for the fall and spring plays

Jayla Pleasant ’22
Fantastical Art Award: recognizes students who are passionate about art, always thinking about how to create “outside of the box” and who continue to ask “what if?”

Natalie Figurella ’23, Kathryn Randorf ’22 and Edith Tomasek ’23
Excellence in Music Award: presented to deserving members of the Pops Ensemble who have displayed exceptional development, enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to the art of music

Nicholas Hayek ’22 and Rain Wilson ’24
Distinction in Digital Media: recognizes students who have continually showcased hard work, creativity, and dedication to the Digital Media Program

Anders Sorensen ’22 , Kevin Flaherty ’24, Leo Dunlevy ’22,
Tommy Moe ’23, Timothy Sargi ’23,
Lauren Hondlik ’22 and Tommy McCrone ’23
Subject Awards
Spanish Awards: presented to the students who have demonstrated a true passion for and a genuine interest in the study of Spanish while maintaining a superior academic average
Spanish 1 Award
Anna Grossner  ’24, Rong Luan ’24 and Aidan McKito ’24
Spanish 2 Award
Clare Valenza ’23, Julia Morgan ’24, Anthony Marino ’24,
Gia Hilal ’24, Maria Flynn ’24,
John Stack ’23 and Maya Diggs ’23
Spanish 3 Award
Sofia Salvino ’23 and Desiree Smith ’22
Spanish 4 Pre-AP
Jonathan Berkovich ’22 and Trinity Turk ’22
Latin Awards: presented to the students who have demonstrated a true passion for and a genuine interest in the study of Latin while maintaining a superior academic average
Latin 1
Claire Thielman ’24
Latin 2
Ian Anderson ’22 and Lily Prebul ’24
Latin 3
Vija Tessman ’22, Anna Rarick ’23,
Olivia Reichard ’23 and Alexander Beedles ’22
French Awards: presented to the students who have demonstrated a true passion for and a genuine interest in the study of French while maintaining a superior academic average
French 1
Maddie Sammut ’24 and Indre Sasnauskas ’24
French 2
Hannah Kennedy ’22 and Zoe Wolfe ’24
French 3
Meghan Bhanoo ’22, Riley Beiswenger ’22,
Sarah Voss ’22 and Elena Hayek ’23
English Awards
The John Gale Award: presented to the top Language Arts students
Grade 9: Lily Prebul ’24 and Samantha Stutler ’24
Grade 10: Lauren Kish ’23 and Jacob Lowery ’23
Grade 11: Nicholas Hayek ’22 and Andrew Mayer ’22
The Holy Cross Award in Literature: presented to the students who demonstrate the capacity to act as an agent of change and to raise the bar for those around them

Alexander Beedles ’22 and Sarah Voss ’22
Mathematics Award: recognizes students who take risks in the classroom by asking questions, demonstrate genuine interest in mathematical topics by learning independently, investigate their own approach to problem-solving, show solid effort and achievement and are genuinely engaged and willing to help others 
Grade 9: Aidan McKito ’24, Madison Minotas ’24, Lauren Riccobelli ’24,
Samantha Stutler ’24 and Zoe Wolfe ’24
  Grade 10: Louka Babic ’23, Aidan Flynn ’23, Brennen O’Neill ’23 and Gia Parker ’23
Grade 11: Nicholas Barone ’22, Jonathan Berkovich ’22, Meghan Bhanoo ’22, Nicholas Hayek ’22,
Andrew Mayer ’22 and Nina Padanilam ’22
2021 Rensselaer Medal: merit scholarship worth $30,000/year (guaranteed for four years if medalist attends Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) presented to a promising rising senior who is in the top 10% of the class and excels in math and science
Vija Tessman ’22
Science Awards: presented to students who have demonstrated boundless passion for the subject and curiosity to know and learn; have achieved mastery of the content; and are a positive presence in the classroom and a good role model for their peers
Physics Award: Elizabeth Halloran ’24 and Ziya Damas ’23
AP Physics 1: Aidan Flynn ’23 and Yurui Xie ’23
Chemistry: Rylyn Anderson ’23, Jonathan Berkovich ’22,
Caitlin Ford ’23, Jacob Malinas ’23,
Samantha Stutler ’24 and Clare Peterson ’23
AP Chemistry: Nina Padanilam ’22
Biology: Victoria Dulzer ’22, Mary Lombardo ’22 and Vija Tessman ’22
AP Environmental Science: Nina Padanilam ’22 and 
Meghan Bhanoo '22
Social Studies Awards
Grade 9 World History Award: Lily Prebul ’24 and Anthony Marino ’24
AP World History Award: Franklin Vergilii ’23 and Gia Parker ’23
Grade 10 Modern World History: Susan Noce ’23
Grade 11 U.S. History: Jayla Pleasant ’22 and Vija Tessman ’22
AP U.S. History: Lauren Kastelic ’22, Andrew Mayer ’22 and 
Nina Padanilam ’22
Specialty Awards
Yearbook Award: honors students who have shown commitment and have made contributions to the yearbook program
Kelsey Hearns ’22 and Sarah Voss ’22
Coakley Scholarship: presented this year to a current junior at Gilmour who shows interest and potential for a career in journalism
Elisa Flynn ’22
Glen Oak Scholarship: awarded annually to a young woman in the junior class who best represents the spirit of Glen Oak School
Desiree Smith ’22
University Medal and Leadership Awards
The University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders Award: recognizes a junior who exhibits strong leadership at school and in the community, has achieved high grades in challenging courses and has had extensive involvement in extracurricular activities
Nicholas Hayek ’22
University of Rochester Bausch & Lomb Science Award: recognizes an outstanding high school science student who is completing his/her junior year
Meghan Bhanoo ’22
The University of Rochester Xerox Award for Innovation: recognizes a junior who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the pursuit of innovative approaches, has an enthusiasm and appreciation for the possibilities of technology, and leads students with new approaches to old problems
Arianna DiMenna ’22
University of Rochester Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award: given annually to a junior who has demonstrated commitment to understanding and addressing difficult issues, has shown leadership and dedication to community action, and has achieved strong grades in rigorous humanities and social science courses
Desiree Smith ’22
The Rochester Institute of Technology Computing Medal Award: recognizes an outstanding high school student for leadership, service, and achievements in computing or creativity and innovation
Victoria Dulzer ’22
The Rochester Institute of Technology Creativity and Innovation Award: presented to a junior who has remarkable academics; is an active and involved member of the school and community; and demonstrates outstanding achievement in innovation, creativity or entrepreneurship
Nicholas Hayek ’22
University Book Awards
The Saint Michael’s College Book Award for Academic Achievement & Social Conscience: recognizes academic success and exemplary community service involvement that embody St. Michael’s commitment to intellectual achievement, social justice and concern for others
Grace Gainar ’22 
Stonehill College Book Award: recognizes an academically talented and service-oriented student in the junior class
Mary Lombardo ’22
Oberlin College Book Award for Achievement in Social Justice: recognizes a junior who is an excellent student and has shown a commitment to activism and bettering the community
Clara Morgan ’22

Villanova Book Award: presented to a junior who has demonstrated academic excellence in a challenging curriculum, a commitment to serving those less fortunate in their greater community, and embodies a sense of school and community spirit as an example to others
Samantha Fedeli ’22
University of Notre Dame Book Award: recognizes a junior who loves learning and sees beyond grades; desires to use her or his intellectual talents for the betterment of the world and the Church; is a leader inside the classroom; occupies a position of leadership in the areas of student government, publications, athletics or any other important aspect of school life; gives of herself or himself in service to others; and takes his or her faith life seriously
Vincent Stafford ’22
Yale Book Award: recognizes a junior who demonstrates outstanding personal character and intellectual promise
Meghan Bhanoo ’22 
Harvard Book Award: originated by Harvard Alumni in 1910 as part of an effort to attract the attention of talented students to the opportunities in Cambridge

Nina Padanilam ’22
Service and Character Awards
Br. Richard Keller Service Award: recognizes student leaders who have demonstrated reaching out to the community with zeal, hospitality and inclusiveness in a sincere effort to serve those having limited resources
Eve Pahoresky ’22 and Mick Hopkins ’22
Chaplain’s Awards: presented to seniors who go about giving daily witness to their faith and living our Holy Cross Mission
Grade 9 winners:
Liam Colaluca ’24, Nicholas Hayslip ’24, Timothy Lee ’24,
Grace Madden ’24, Katie Puletti ’24 and Rain Wilson ’24
Grade 10 winners:
Leah Callitsis ’23, Will Chadwick ’23, Dorjan Flowers ’23,
Tommy McCrone ’23, Anna Rarick ’23 and Sofia Salvino ’23
Grade 11 winners:
Olivia Busby ’22, Leo Dunlevy ’22, Riley Ellis ’22,
Nathan Flaherty ’22,  CJ Johnson ’22 and Hannah Kennedy ’22
Blessed Basil Moreau Award (pictured on right): recognized by their peers and affirmed by the faculty, recognizes students who live as Holy Cross people by exhibiting a genuine desire to learn and embodying the core values of Holy Cross
Grade 9 winners:
Elizabeth DeChellis ’24 and John Eller Baud ’24
Grade 10 winners:
Madeline Boyle ’23 and Franklin Vergilii ’23
Grade 11 winners:
Desiree Smith ’23 and Viraj Jain ’23

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