Lower School Creates Prayer Net

In mid-May, our Lower School community came together to create a prayer net. This creation was one of the action steps for change that emerged from two sessions on Respecting Diversity in which sixth-grade students participated. This prayer net, created from the individual yarns each student hung on the wall, was designed to allow the Lower School to cast their prayers as a community. Students chose a specific color based on what prayer that color represented, and in placing their yarn in the net, sent up a prayer. The sixth graders chose the prayers the colors signified (below). What a great opportunity to educate the mind and the heart!
The students created a video - narrated by Teddy and Cherie' - to explain the prayer each color represents.
green - the planet, that we are kind and we appreciate the earth and nature
brown - justice and an end to racism
yellow - sun to shine on us and make us happy
red - more love in the world and more honest hearts
purple - loved ones in need and others who need help
pink - more humane and just societies
orange - fairness, harmony, kindness and bravery
blue - ocean and protection of the waters
black - your choice for what you'd like to pray for

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