Eighth-Grade Students Develop Their Cultural Diversity Dexterity

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion NaNetta Hullum and Director of the Middle School Tym Tagliaferro and we are excited to bring some DEI programming to our eighth-grade students during this second semester.
The DEI curriculum will focus on developing one’s cultural diversity dexterity. Cultural diversity dexterity helps students understand how to live and work with people of different cultures, navigate relationships positively and respond effectively to those cultures.  
We will have a 40-minute session each week for six weeks and the vision for this time together is rooted in our GA mission, which calls us to create a more humane and just society.
Human dignity is at the core of our curriculum. We will begin by discussing self-identity - both social identity and personal identity - and we will delve into how our social group membership determines marginalization and privilege. We will discuss ways to grow our cultural knowledge and decrease the implicit bias that we ALL have.
We will discuss Interpersonal skills such as verbal and non-verbal communication and how that helps us become more effective in our interactions with others. Additionally, we will discuss how emotional awareness skills, such as empathy, help us connect to others’ experiences and grow our compassion. Finally, we will tie all of this back to our Gilmour mission—“to develop the competence to see and the courage to act in creating a more humane and just society.”
At the end of this program, the eighth graders will begin to develop their own portfolios of all the wonderful pieces of their self-identity on that they can continue to add to throughout their high school careers.

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