Thank You

Thanks to a $100,000 challenge match from our Board of Trustees and a special $10,000 participation challenge, we surpassed our $200,000 goal for Giving Tuesday! In just 24 hours, 266 generous donors met the challenge and helped us raise a total of $225,501 for The Gilmour Fund!
The Gilmour Fund directly benefits our students, faculty and staff right now, during this academic year.
Check out the full list of all our generous donors who made a gift or a pledge to The Gilmour Fund on Giving Tuesday!
Anonymous (41)
Trey F. Anderson and Colleen F. Kiely '96
Donald F. '61 and Eloise Andrews
Thomas J. Ashley '60
Michael J. and Jacqueline Baird
Atty. Robert T. Barletta '64
Heather M. Barresi
Bryan and Margaret Barrett
Nathan and Kristen Barrett
The Barrett Family
Dean C. Barry '84
Alexander J. Batchik '26
Robert A. and Nora Beach
Christopher and Kelly A. Beiswenger
Carolyn S. Benacci '03
Nancy Benacci
David Benisek, Jr. and Melissa Benisek
The Bent Family
Russell F. and Lynn M. Berzin
Lisa G. Black
Elizabeth L. Blanchfield
Fr. John J. Blazek, C.S.C. '58
Julia L. Borden '10
Fred G. Botek, JD '85 and Dr. Georgeanne Goodrich '86 Botek
Matthew and Jessica Bowden
F. Michael and Amy D. Boyle
James P. Breen
Drs. Frank E. and Kelsey S. Briggs
Aidan T. Briggs '23
Thomas B. Brigham, Jr. '65 and Carolyn A. Brigham
Kevin J. Campbell and Christine K. Neeb
Justin M. Carr
Charles P. and Mary R. Casa
Catholic Community Foundation
The Chadwick Family
Gregory and Susan L. Chiancone
Michael D. and Lindsay K. Chiellino
Dr. Joseph F. '83 and Alyne K. Cistone
Joseph R. '77 and Mary Jo Ciuni
Michael S. '08 and Hallie E. Rybka '08 Ciuni
Thomas Ciuni '06 and Sarah Leflar
Lucas Clark
Randy and Dawn M. Conforti
Ralph D. Conti
Brandon D. Cox '03
Richard T. Coyne, Jr. '82 and Angela Coyne
Peter and Whitney A. Daly
The Davis Family
Donald J. Dawson, Jr. '65 and Mary Jo Dawson
John P. and Toni L. Delaney
John W. '82 and Susan M. Diemer
Rodney and Julie K. Diggs
Kevin M. '01 and Lindsey Dolohanty
Jianhui Du and Heng Wang
Edward and Nancy Dulzer
Nathaniel C. Dulzer '25
Victoria N. Dulzer '22
Kristina M. Durkoske '06
Daniel and Hannah C. Beach '98 Dwyer
Randy Eldridge and Sharon Schreiner
Michael E. Elliott, Esq. '71
Randall J. Fagundo '78
Carmel Fantelli
Robert A. '71 and Joanne Fiala
Jaymes '00 and Meagan E. Urban '06 Fowler
Brennan R. Friedman '23
Laurie A. Gajda
Rev. Paul A. Gismondi '73
Allen E. Glassmire '08
Michael A. Gleason and Constance Kmieck-Gleason
Michael M. and Kathryn Grabowski
Matthew T. and Jackie Greenfield
Stacy R. Grenier
Stephen M. and Emily J. Mekesa '05 Grigely
Frank J. Grk and Lisa Fazio
Brent and Shannon Grunden
Raleigh T. Guice II and Robin W. Guice
Br. Kenneth Haders, C.S.C.
John D. Haggerty '74
Daniel P. and Sherri Harrington
Robert L.'70 and Linda Hellmuth
Dave L. '71 and Kathy Hinckley
Dr. Jason Hix and Dr. Jennifer Brake
John H. '83 and Christina J. Hollis
Daniel A. and Christine Howse
Lawrence B. and Catherine B. Butz '87 Hughes
Mary T. Humensky
Jed and Meg Hunter
Thomas E. Hutch, Jr. '73 and Doris M. Hutch
George Hutt
Sean P. '04 and Jillian Hyland
Mark J. '86 and Kelly Jablonski
Drs. Frank W. and Leslie J. Jevnikar
James R. Johnson '65
Kim Johnson Johnston G.O. '72
Eliot J. Kamen '07
Michele M. Kay
Michael J. and Kelly A. Kearney
Christopher J. Keller, Esq. and Anike F. Keller
Lynn Arko Kelley G.O. '73
Brenden P. Kelley '08
Larry '66 and Maryann Z. Kennedy
Kathleen C. and Robert E. Kenny III
Christopher and Emily Kerwood
Catherine M. Kessler '06
David J. and Morgan Kilkenney
Steve and Beckie L. Korn
Todd and Meredith Eby '92 Korner
Cynthia M. Kramer-Smith
Andrew S. and Carole Krupa
Robert C. and Lynn M. Laws
Elizabeth Titas Lazzaro
Drew R. Lemire '23
John J. Lennon
Drs. Daniel A. and Ewa B. Lewis
Milan M. and Anna B. Pinchak '96 Lillis
Austin O. '07 and Betsy Link
Robert and Maureen Loesch
Randolph Loeser, Jr. and Cristen M. Gedeon Loeser '93
Tim and Jennifer Russo '93 Lowery
Chris J. Lukey and Jill D. Grady
Christopher and Kathleen M. Lynch
Courtney and Kathryn Malcarney
John K. and Erin Malloy
Allison M. Maranuk
Phillip M. '89 and Michele Martino
Dr. Edward and Adriana Mascha
Carl and Rosalie Massey
Michael E. '61 and Becky Masterson
Terry L. Maynard, Sr. and Charlene H. Maynard
Patrick J. and Evelyn McCarthy
James L. '66 and Gayle N. McCrystal
Colleen A. McHugh '08
Tracy and Kellie M. McKeown
Patrick J. and Coreene A. McNamara and Family
Michael C. Merriman '08
Robert J. '87 and Brenda Miavitz
Matthew D. Mihalik '08
Vaughn C. Milstein-Croxall '24
Paula A. Minello
Brian G. and Lisa M. Minotas
Tilman O. Moe III and Dr. Jennifer Randazzo Moe
Joseph and Stacy M. Montaldi
Owen P. Morgan '25
Robert H. '67 and Mary Morrissey
Murlan J. Murphy, Jr. '64 and Molly Dixon
Ray and Karen Murphy
Patrick J. '08 and Amy E. Greene '08 Nally
William K. '62 and Shirley Nook
Lauren M. Oliver '12
Dr. Michael J. '70 and Sandra O'Neill
Patrick J. O'Neill, Jr. '80
Sean P. and Laura M. O'Toole
Anthony M. '71 and Dr. Cynthia D. Panzica
William R. Papczun and Jennifer L. Toth-Papczun '94
Jason P. and Johanna M. Fabrizio '92 Parker
Sunil and Amanda R. Link '04 Patel
Calum S. and Maria T. Young '08 Payne
Kevin T. '99 and Margeaux Pelegrin
Allan J. Pestotnik '05
Clare A. Peterson '23
Cole J. Peterson '21
David M. and Christina M. Peterson
Guy N. Peterson '73
Luke A. Peterson '25
David M. '93 and Kimberly A. Pfundstein
William C. and Patricia D. Phillips
Frank A. Piraino, Jr. '71
Anthony and Candice M. Pizzuti
Christopher M. '77 and Barbara Podwoski
Brian D. '05 and Courtney Poe
Michael A. and Paulette A. Poklar
James R. and Jennifer Polak
Frank and Amber Polisena
The Pongonis Family
Gerard D. '70 and Ann M. Porath
Robert M. and Lori Prebul
James R. and Kelly A. Priestley
Charles J. Prochaska, Jr. '61
George M. and Nina A. Prusock
Kenneth C. and Pamela V. Ricci
Lawrence A. '64 and Judith Rice
Rhonda A. Rickelman
Gus and Kathleen G. Rini
Amy I. Ritchie
Thomas M. Roberts '61
Stanley Rose and Kimberly Eskridge-Rose
Kevin and Amy Rottinghaus
Nicole R. Caraboolad Royston '05
Randi B. Russell
Dr. James and Katherine Ryan
Gregg and Ann Saline
Samantha K. Sargi '20
Timothy R. Sargi '23
Jeffrey P. and Joan Sarmiento
Kevin and Robyn J. Kellner '93 Schadick
Robert G. Schultz
Brett A. '01 and Maggie Schumacher
Lee G. and Jane H. Seidman
Colin and Katharine E. Poklar '01 Shafer
Brian D. Sharnsky '09
Dr. Steven M. '87 and Julie Shaw
Judith M. Sheahan
Jeremy and Eileen Sheehan
Marilynn Skeggs
Dr. Richard and Melanie So
Christopher F. Sonnhalter '17
Christopher P. and Kathleen M. Sonnhalter
Kevin W. Sonnhalter '13
Albert A. and Barbara Speyer
Br. James C. Spooner, C.S.C.
Allison L. Greco Srsen '08
Frank F. '61 and Stacie Stanton
Dr. Kevin M. and Kristen S. Stein
Laura Steinbrink
Mark A. Stewart '76
Thomas and Tracy A. Stockard
Kevin M. '76 and Teresann Weber G.O. '78 Stoffer
The Strand Family
Jason D. Stretar and Mary E. Roddy-Stretar
Dr. Todd R. Sweda
Bruce E. and Virginia M. Taylor
The Thayer Family
The Thielman Family
Robert P. Thomas '98
John J. Tiberi
Jeanne M. Tippen
Dr. Steven Treppo and Sandra Ammendolia
Sarah M. Tuggey
Gregory '82 and Teresa Turocy
Todd and Dawn Underwood
Mark and Jennifer L. Vergilii
Caroline Vickers
Mark Weisman
Dr. Charles V. Wellman '68 and Dr. Ann Eckstein
Cheryl A. Weltle
Thomas M. '64 and Susan S. Weston
Tom and Katie Wetherbee
Keith R. and Linda L. Wheeler
Molly Williams '10
Christopher C. '84 and Gina M. Winslade
Shane L. and Hannah J. O'Donnell '09 Wong
Joseph A. '66 and Elisa Wright
Robert S. '71 and Laura Wright
Peter Yonan '02
Dr. Carl P. '67 and Charlotte Zeithaml

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