Brenden Kelley ’08

Brenden Kelley ’08 knows a thing or two about Gilmour Academy – he attended the school from kindergarten until his senior year of high school. During those 13 years, he made lifelong friendships and developed an interest in speech and debate that would later transform into a career as a lawyer. “Honestly, my time at Gilmour was the greatest time of my life,” Kelley said. “I know it might sound cliché, but it turned me into a lifelong learner.” At his recent 10-year class reunion, he took it upon himself to speak with other members of his graduating class, encouraging younger alumni to give back to the school that has helped shaped their lives. “I never like to impose on somebody, but to ask on behalf of Gilmour was no problem,” Kelley said. “We owe it to give back so that other kids can have the same experience we did.”
For Kelley, Gilmour has provided him with strength during his most difficult moments. When he was 15, his father passed away. When he arrived at the funeral, his entire class was there to support him. “That love and sense of community during one of the worst times of my life is something that has stayed with me,” Kelley said. “I didn’t know how I was going to get through it, but seeing everyone there, I knew I could get through it because of those people.”  
Pictured are Brenden and his mother Lynn Arko G.O. ’73 Kelley

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