McCall Zupon ’05

McCall Zupon ’05 was a senior at High Point University studying business when her mom, Jill Zupon, approached her about an idea she had to open a comprehensive treatment center for families struggling with ADHD.
Zupon didn’t need to be convinced. She had for years witnessed the struggle her own family endured trying to determine a diagnosis for a close relative. Zupon was just as passionate as her mother about preventing other families from having to endure the same frustrations. While trying to determine the cause of this person’s learning and behavioral issues, Jill Zupon spent four years working with 15 different specialists, none of whom were collaborating with each other. Jill Zupon was left trying to piece together their findings to determine a course of action and none of it was working. Eventually, the family did receive a proper diagnosis of ADHD for him, which allowed them to start treating his issues and help him.
After graduating from High Point in 2009 with a bachelor of science in business administration, McCall Zupon enrolled at Clemson University and began working on her master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling so that she could pursue her dream of opening the medical facility with her mom. Zupon graduated from Clemson in 2011 and by the end of that year, the doors of The Attention Center were officially opened.
Located at 5000 Rockside Road in Independence, The Attention Center provides comprehensive 360-degree care for children, families and adults affected by ADHD. The unique piece about The Attention Center is that it allows for cohesive care provided by an interdisciplinary team of professionals. All the needs of someone with ADHD are addressed. Each person being treated is assigned a case manager who is available to the individual and his/her family every step of the way as they navigate testing, school accommodations, medications and any other issues with which they might need guidance. The person being treated is also evaluated by one of the Center’s clinical psychologists and meets with a registered dietitian, who explains the impact of diet on symptoms. After the initial assessments and evaluations are complete, the Center can provide a customized treatment plan to include any of the additional services they provide, such as therapy, coaching, acupuncture, organization training and education.
Zupon was instrumental in launching The Attention Center with her mom. She served as a case manager most recently, but wore many additional hats at the Center as they got it up and running. Her business background proved quite useful as she worked on marketing initiatives and was involved on the human resources side as well.
Zupon always had a goal of getting back to the South. After tirelessly interviewing with a Swedish company called QBTech over the course of three months, she was recently hired by them. The company has designed a medical device that is used to help diagnose ADHD and monitor medication effectiveness. She has relocated to Atlanta, Ga. and serves as their ADHD clinical advisor. She says of her new role, “I am so excited about this opportunity as I am their first U.S. hire and am responsible for market entry of this device in the U.S.” No doubt she arrives well prepared after immersing herself in the launch of The Attention Center for the past year and a half. She says, “I am extremely sad to leave the Center, but am so happy to see it successfully up and running.”

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