All SCHOOL and HEALTH/MEDICAL forms, as well as TRANSPORTATION REQUESTS, will be completed on FinalForms. Instructions for accessing your account—for new students only—and completing the forms are below. Forms for 2022-2023 are available starting June 14.
For additional information about transportation, see our Transportation web page.
NEW Students, Grades 5-12: Gilmour email addresses are created for new students in July.

NEW Families: Accessing Your FinalForms Account

  1. Gilmour creates an account for you, and within 48 hours of your enrollment contract submission, you'll receive an email with access instructions from FinalForms, at the email address you provided Gilmour Academy upon applying.* Click ​CONFIRM YOUR ACCOUNT​ in the email text.

    *If you do not receive an email, check your spam folder. If you still do not see the FinalForms email, please contact Kara Santana at

    If you already have registered and confirmed your account for another student, FinalForms will not send a new email for your second child. Please go to the next section.

  1. Create your new FinalForms password and click CONFIRM ACCOUNT.

  2. Your account will be confirmed and you will be logged in, you can now proceed to the next section to complete school and health forms.

All Parents: Completing Forms for your Student(s)

  1. Log in to FinalForms at the Parent Login. All parents of returning students have a FinalForms account. If you have never logged in before, please request a password via the password reset link.


  3. If your student plans to participate in a sport, activity, or club​ please click the checkbox for each. Click ​UPDATE ​after making your selection.

  4. Transportation Requests: Click on +Add Sports/Activities, then on "Coed Transportation Request" at the bottom of the next page.

    NOTE: A selection can be changed any time until the registration deadline.

  5. Complete each form and sign your full name (e.g. "John Smith") into the Parent Signature field at the bottom of the page. After signing, click SUBMIT FORM and move on to the next form.

  6. When all forms are complete, you will see a Forms Finished message.

  7. STUDENTS GRADES 5-12: An email will automatically be sent to returning students at the student's Gilmour email address. This will prompt him/her to sign Student forms requiring his/her signature. NEW Students, Grades 5-12: Gilmour email addresses are created in July.

  8. Click MY STUDENTS if you are done. You may repeat steps 3 through 6 for additional Students.

  9. At any point in the future, you may login at any time and click the Update Forms button to update forms.

Back-to-School Checklist

All forms must be completed and signed electronically on FinalForms site by August 12.
All Students (except returning students Grades K-5) : A copy of current physical and immunization record (view immunization requirements) must be uploaded (see below) or faxed to (440) 226-8334.
Students in Grades 6-12 use the OHSAA form regardless of whether the child is participating in athletics.
Students Grade 12: Two (2) doses of MCV4 Meningococcal (serogroup A, C, W and Y) vaccine are required prior to entry with the second dose on or after the 16th birthday. Parents must provide proof of vaccination (via upload or fax) before the start of the school year.
Students Grade 7: One dose of Tdap and one dose of MCV4 Meningococcal (serogroup A, C, W and Y) vaccines are required prior to entry. Parents must provide proof of vaccination (via upload or fax) before the start of the school year.
TRANSFER STUDENTS GRADES 10-12: A copy of your transcript must be sent to:
Gilmour Academy
c/o Rebecca Reidy
34001 Cedar Road
Gates Mills OH 44040

Mailing Address

34001 Cedar Road, Gates Mills, Ohio 44040
phone: (440) 473-8000

Campus Addresses
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