Additional Care Programs

Gilmour offers before care and after care for students in Montessori PreK – grade 6. Families may choose to send children one to five days a week. Montessori PreK students (3- & 4-year-olds) have several additional opportunities to extend their day for the entire school year. 

  • Programs require registration to be submitted at the time of enrollment.
  • The total annual fees will be included in your total annual costs, and payment will be made in accordance with your Smart Tuition payment option.
  • No adjustment will be made for weeks including holidays, student absence, or other non-academic days.
  • Billing adjustments will be made on a semester basis only.
  • Gilmour offers families the opportunity to use these programs on a drop-in basis. Families will be billed monthly via Smart Tuition $50 a day for each child that attends.
  • Late fees apply for After Care.  Please see the After Care Program section below for details.

Before and After Care Programs

A courtesy family discount of $250 will be applied to the oldest child’s bill for families with more than one student enrolled in the full five-day per week program.

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  • Before Care Program, 7-8 a.m.

    Full Year
    One Day: $365.00
    Two Days: $495.00
    Three Days: $715.00
    Four Days: $840.00
    Five Days: $995.00
  • After Care Program, 3:15-6 p.m.

    Full Year
    One Day: $760.00
    Two Days: $1,420.00
    Three Days: $2,010.00
    Four Days: $2,520.00
    Five Days: $2,800.00

    LATE FEES: A late fee will be charged if a child is picked up after 6:00 p.m. The fee will be $10.00 for the first five minutes and an additional $1.00 for each minute thereafter. This fee will be added to the payment for the month.


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