Upper School Awards Ceremony

Congrats to all our award winners at today's annual Upper School Awards ceremony. View photos from the ceremony.
Departmental Awards
Speech, Forensics and Drama
Level of Honor: Bradley Bares ’18, James Berner ’19, Francesco DiGiannantonio ’20, Taniya Dsouza ’20, Gabe Gainar ’19, Connor Gerspacher ’19, Richard Jones ’20, Emma Kaplan ’19, Quinn L’Esperance ’19, Angeline Monitello ’19, Phoebe Nowak ’18, Anthony Patrick ’19, Katherine Rankin ’20, Olivia Sucato ’20, Marissa Ulchaker ’19, Madison Wagner ’19, Matilda Washington ’19, Elijah Wiertel ’20 and Charlie Xie ’20
Level of Excellence: Rebecca Pahoresky ’19, Lauriel Powell ’18 and Rajeel Zafar ’18
Degree of Distinction: Pyper McDowell ’18, Allie Mikolanis ’19 and Ava Thomas ’18
Degree of Special Distinction: Sabrina Bauman ’18
Degree of Outstanding Distinction: Zach Holtz ’18 and Sebastian Williams ’18
Foreign Language
Spanish I: Bryson Simpson ’20, Lena DiPuccio ’20, Katherine Rankin ’20, Christina Moore ’20, Sophia Giancola ’20, Bryce Hofstrom ’20 and Madison Olsen ’20
Spanish II: Madison Wagner ’19, Natalie Mullen ’19, Cole Kruschke ’19, Anthony Patrick ’19, Marissa Ulchaker ’19, Matilda Washington ’19, Qiran Chen ’19, Chase Filicko ’18 and Ian Miller ’20
Spanish III: Ava Thomas ’18, Jein Lee ’18, Jack Michael Solomon ’19, Lauriel Powell ’18, Elizabeth Espenschied ’19, James Berner ’19 and Ryan Zarrinmakan ’18
Spanish IV Pre-AP: Sarah Bohn ’18, Allie Mikolanis ’19, Grazia DiPierro ’18 and Sebastian Williams ’18
French II: Grace Roxbury ’19, Dylan Wharton ’19, Jorja Hlifka ’20 and Catherine O’Haimhirgin ’20
French III: Brandon Novak ’19, Paige Cone ’18, Nazarah Hillmon ’18 and Meijuan Cao ’18
French IV: Mary Hillard ’18
Mandarin II: Makayla Thomas ’19
Latin I: Maxwell Snyder ’20, Brian Davis ’20, Emma Lesko ’20 and Garrett Olsen ’20
Latin II: Annie Greene ’19, Patrick Kelley ’19 and Maximilian Mendels ’19
Latin III: Julia Schultz ’18, Brendan McNamara ’18 and Molly Murphy ’18
Gianna Stafford ’18, Isabella Caruso ’18 and Abigail Bartlett ’19
Language Arts
John Gale Award (a gift for language): Richard Jones ’20, Allie Mikolanis ’19, Gabe Gainar ’19, Paige Cone ’18 and Sebastian Williams ’18
Holy Cross Literature Award (demonstrates capacity to act as agent of change): Ava Thomas ’18
Rensselaer Medal (rising senior who has distinguished himself/herself in math and science): Qiyao (Catherine) Liang ’18
Mathematics Award: Bryce Hofstrom ’20, Emma Lesko ’20, Ian Miller ’20, Garrett Olsen ’20, CJ Charleston ’19, Katie Engle ’19, Anthony Patrick ’19, Mia Nannicola ’19, Marissa Ulchaker ’19, Da-Eun (Kathy) Jung ’18, Megan Miller ’18, Leona Ng ’18, Marisa Salvino ’18
Biology: Zach Holtz ’18, Paige Cone ’18 and Isabel Greene ’18
Chemistry: Payton Wetzel ’18 and Ming Yuan Zhang ’18
Physics: Lejun (Angela) Liu ’20, Matt Vanone ’20 and Owen O’Toole ’18
Social Studies
Grade 9 Social Studies: Olivia Caruso ’20, Richard Jones ’20, Nicolle Figueroa ’20 and Samantha Sargi ’20
Grade 10 AP: Connor Gerspacher ’19, Jiasheng (Sam) Zou ’19 and Allie Mikolanis ’19
Grade 10: James Berner ’19
Grade 11 AP: Lauriel Powell ’18, Ava Thomas ’18, Zach Holtz ’18 and Marisa Salvino ’18
Grade 11:  Da-Eun (Kathy) Jung ’18 and Leona Ng ’18
Coakley Scholarship (for potential in journalism)
Da-Eun (Kathy) Jung ’18 
Glen Oak Scholarship (for young women in Grade 11 who best represent the spirit of Glen Oak)
Ava Thomas ’18
Lily Switka ’18 (runner up)
Arianna Mack ’18 (runner up)
University Medal & Leadership Awards
University of Rochester Bausch and Lomb Science Award (outstanding science student completing junior year)
Mary Hillard ’18
University of Rochester Xerox Award for Innovation (outstanding achievement in pursuit of innovative approaches and enthusiasm and appreciation for possibilities of technology)
Bradley Bares ’18
University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders Award (junior with outstanding leadership qualities and strong academic achievement)
Zach Holtz ’18
Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award in Humanities and Social Studies (outstanding junior who exemplifies the revolutionary spirit of these two individuals and demonstrates commitment to understanding and addressing difficult social situations)
Lauriel Powell ’18
Rochester Institute of Technology Computing Medal (junior with intrinsic interest and ability in field of computing)
Ava Thomas ’18
Rochester Institute of Technology Creativity and Innovation Award (junior who has distinguished himself/herself academically, in school and community, and demonstrates achievement in innovation, creativity or entrepreneurship)
Nick Majer ’18
University Book Awards
St. Michael’s College Book Award (academic achievement and evidence of social conscience)
Lily Switka ’18
Ben Grandstaff ’18
Stonehill College Book Award (commitment to learning and betterment of community)
Megan Miller ’18
Oberlin College Book Award (achievement in the arts)
Phoebe Nowak ’18
Washington and Lee University Book Award (personal integrity and strength of character, academic excellence, significant involvement in extracurriculars)
Lauriel Powell ’18
Smith College Book Award (academic achievement, leadership, concern for others)
Da-Eun (Kathy) Jung ’18 
College of the Holy Cross Book Award (exemplifies excellence in rigorous college-prep curriculum, is ranked in top of class, possesses sincere concern for others, maintains responsible attitude)
Qiyao (Catherine) Liang ’18
Villanova University Book Award (academic excellence in a most challenging curriculum, commitment to serving those less fortunate, has sense of school and community spirit)
Claudia Winslett ’18
Brandeis University Book Award (top 10% in class, demonstrates a commitment to civic engagement, community service, volunteerism, political activism or social justice)
Mary Hillard ’18
Williams College Book Award (top 5% of class, demonstrates intellectual leadership and has made significant contribution to extracurricular life of school)
Marisa Salvino ’18
Yale University Book Award (outstanding personal character and intellectual promise)
Jein Lee ’18
Harvard University Book Award (displays excellence in scholarship and high character combined with achievement in other fields)
Ava Thomas ’18
Brother Richard Keller Award
Presented to student leaders who have demonstrated reaching out to the community with zeal, hospitality and inclusiveness in a sincere effort to serve those with limited resources
Stephanie Leonor ’20 and Ryan Mullee ’17
Chaplain Awards
Grade 9: Braydon Birko ’20, Nicolle Figueroa ’20, Katherine Rankin ’20, Austin Ricci ’20, Samantha Sargi ’20 and Matt Vanone ’20
Grade 10: Brian Allen ’19, Katie Engle ’19, Emma Kaplan ’19, Rachel Karam ’19, Mackenzie O’Connor ’19, Marissa Ulchaker ’19 and Charlie Valenti ’19
Grade 11: Isabelle Aerni ’18, Mario Grk ’18, Alec Marusic ’18, Peyton Rudman ’18, Dominic Scimone ’18 and Marisa Salvino ’18
Blessed Brother Basil Moreau Awards
Recognizes students who live as Holy Cross people by exhibiting a genuine desire to learn and embodying the core values of Holy Cross
Grade 9: Taniya Dsouza ’20 and Richard Jones ’20
Grade 10: Madison Wagner ’19 and Connor Gerspacher ’19
Grade 11: Arianna Mack '18 and Zach Holtz ’18

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