Senior Awards Ceremony

On Friday, April 28, we hosted the annual Senior Awards ceremony. Congratulations to the following students who were recognized for their achievements. See photos from the ceremony here.
Speech and Debate recognition

Susan Noce ’23
- NSDA Excellence Level of Distinction. OSDA State Qualifier, State Quarterfinalist, NSDA First Alternate for Nationals
Art Awards
Distinguished Musician Award: presented to the senior(s) who has participated in the music program for at least three years and has displayed exceptional musicianship, character, enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication to the art and to musical excellence.
Scott Vergilii ’23
Outstanding Senior Art Award: recognizes the students who have gone above and beyond experimenting and investigating infinite possibilities of creating artwork
Mikayla Fannin ’23
Grace Meine ’23
Lauren Kish ’23
Purchase Award: Each year, Gilmour purchases a piece of artwork for display in the school from a student who has produced work that is meaningful and creative.
Lauren Kish ’23 (piece titled “Night Stories”)
Departmental Awards
Spanish Award: presented to the senior who has demonstrated a true passion for and a genuine interest in the study of Spanish while maintaining a superior academic average
Louka Babic ’23
Sofia Salvino ’23
Latin Award: presented to the senior who has demonstrated a true passion for and a genuine interest in the study of Latin while maintaining a superior academic average
Anna Rarick ’23

French Award: presented to the senior who has demonstrated exemplary work and exhibited a curiosity about the French language in and out of the classroom
Elena Hayek ’23
The Innovation Award: recognizes excellence in a technology education student who has exceeded expectations in computer science coursework and excelled in project-based learning
Patrick Boje ’23
Yearbook Award: given to student who has made a major contribution to the Yearbook Program
John Stack ’23
The John Gale Award: presented to the top Language Arts students
Andrew Lewis ’23 and Scott Vergilii ’23
The Holy Cross Award in Literature: presented to the seniors who demonstrated the capacity to act as agents of change and to raise the bar for those around them
Alexandria Cistolo ’23 and Sofia Salvino ’23
The William G. Moore III English Award: presented to the student whose commitment to the study of literature and whose unparalleled aptitude in the classroom reflect a worthy tribute to the legacy of William G. Moore III ’51, an alumnus and dedicated Gilmour teacher known for challenging his students 

Clare Valenza ’23
Mathematics Award: recognizes a student who takes risks in the classroom by asking questions and extending concepts, demonstrates genuine interest in mathematical ideas and pursues those ideas independently, develops logical and deep analyses to decipher and solve problems, and demonstrates scholarly thoughtfulness and high achievement in their studies
Louka Babic ’23
AP Physics 2 Science Award: presented to a student who has shown exceptional talent and passion for the subject matter, an ability to understand complex concepts and apply them to real-world situations, a strong work ethic and a commitment to learning, a deep understanding of the principles of physics, and a curiosity and willingness to ask questions

Aidan Flynn ’23
AP Biology Science Award: presented to a student who has consistently demonstrated a unique and powerful combination of curiosity, critical thinking, perseverance and a desire for excellence; who demonstrates an eagerness to learn and delve deeper into the complexities of biology; who takes on challenges with enthusiasm; who shows an ability to think creatively when presented with difficult concepts; and who demonstrates leadership and initiative in group projects and discussions 
Rylyn Anderson ’23
AP Environmental Science Award: presented to students who demonstrate superior skills in scientific logic and its application to real world situations as well as an aptitude for and a sincere interest in the subject matter of this multifaceted area of study
Mikayla Fannin ’23 and Susan Noce ’23
Oliver Seikel Award for Excellence in Science: presented in honor of Oliver Seikel ’55 to the senior who demonstrates the values of academic excellence, unquenchable thirst for knowledge as demonstrated through research, and perseverance in setting and achieving lofty goals
Louka Babic ’23
Paul Primeau Science Award: presented annually to the graduating senior who, in the collective judgment of the science faculty, best exemplifies the qualities of competence, scholarship and commitment to the study of science
Aidan Flynn ’23
Government Award: presented to the top Government students
Jacob Malinas ’23, Thomas McCrone ’23,
Emma Pickering ’23 and Anna Rarick ’23
AP Government Award: presented to the top AP Government students
Caitlin Ford ’23, Kendall Long ’23, Isabella Rizo-Patron ’23 and Scott Vergilii ’23
VECTOR Recognition: The following students successfully completed the VECTOR program. These students finished three focused courses, at least 40 hours of experiential learning and reflective writing, and developed a network of professionals as well as a relationship with a faculty mentor.

 Brennan Friedman ’23
Business & Entrepreneurship
 Elena Hayek ’23
Science and Medicine

Rocco Hice ’23
Community Engagement & Law
Lauren Kish ’23
Community Engagement & Law
Olivia Reichard ’23
Community Engagement & Law
Laura Schilz ’23
Science & Medicine
John Stack ’23
Business & Entrepreneurship
Cathy Xie ’23
Business & Entrepreneurship
Special Awards
National Merit Finalist: The following senior was named a National Merit Finalist, a distinction earned by less than one (1) percent of seniors nationally.
Louka Babic ’23
Phi Beta Kappa Award: presented to a senior who is truly representative of the qualities of academic integrity, outstanding scholarship and all-around initiative in matters of the mind
Gia Parker ’23
The Lorraine Dodero Award in Drama: presented to a senior who has participated in Drama Club, made a significant impact on the theater program, has a professional attitude and deep commitment to our productions, and exhibited excellence in acting with every performance
Caitlin Ford ’23
Cathy and Pat O’Rourke Award for Leadership in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives: given to a senior who has demonstrated service above and beyond to contribute to the development of a culturally and ethnically diverse community and who has imbued the spirit of intercultural competence
Kendall Long ’23
OHSAA Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award: honors student-athletes who display exemplary sportsmanship
Deaglan Bryant ’23, Natalie Figurella ’23, Will Lazzaro ’23,
Kendall Long ’23, Molly Moore ’23, Emma Pickering ’23,
Eli Swirsky ’23 and Scott Vergilii ’23
OHSAA Courageous Student Award:  acknowledges student-athletes who have overcome great adversity in a positive way
Rylyn Anderson ’23, Lyla Bauman ’23, Michael Giancola ’23 and Drew Lemire ’23
OHSAA Scholar-Athlete Award: recognizes student-athletes dedicated to academic excellence while participating in interscholastic athletics
Rylyn Anderson  ’23, Louka Babic ’23, Rocco Hice ’23,
Jacob Malinas ’23, Edith Tomasek ’23 and Clare Valenza ’23
NFHS Award of Excellence: awarded to senior student-athletes who have displayed exemplary sportsmanship, ethics and integrity
Alexandria Cistolo ’23, Alyssa Kraig ’23, Andrew Lewis ’23,
Thomas McCrone ’23, Kelly McFadden ’23, Clare Peterson ’23,
Brandon Rose ’23 and Jesse Shepherd ’23
The Dennis Hoynes Award: presented annually to the outstanding female and male scholar-athletes
Aidan Flynn ’23, Gia Parker ’23,
Anna Rarick ’23 and John Stack ’23
The Charles A. Mooney Trophies: awarded annually to the top outstanding female and male athletes at the Academy in a given school year
Matthew Bauman ’23 and Laney Klika ’23
Gilmour Academy Lifers Recognition: celebrates students who have attended Gilmour
since at least the first grade
Ian Baird ’23, Chiara Bilant ’23, Abigail Edmondson ’23, Dorjan Flowers ’23,
Lacie Frech ’23, Rocco Hice ’23, Paul Kiebler ’23, Lauren Kish ’23,
Andre Lacroix ’23 and Nathan Turocy ’23
Robert Tomaro Honor Award: presented annually to the Gilmour senior who has a keen mind, sense of justice, passion for doing what is right and who most closely mirrors his commitment to the growth and success of the Academy
Madison Maynard ’23
Murlan J. Murphy Award: presented annually in honor of longtime Board Chair Jerry Murphy ’64 to the senior who has demonstrated qualities of leadership within our Gilmour community that exemplify Holy Cross values, who motivates and inspires members of the community by setting a high standard of integrity, and who has developed the competence to see where changes are necessary and the courage to act to make our Gilmour community and the Academy better
Will Lazzaro ’23
Service and Character Awards
Br. David Baltrinic Award: presented to the senior who best exemplifies former faculty member Brother David’s qualities of scholarship, compassion and caring, and Judeo-Christian service

Alexandria Cistolo ’23
Saint Br. Andre Award: presented to the senior whose service work has been transformational for the Gilmour community
Elizabeth Frawley ’23

Brother Robert A. Kelly, C.S.C. Outstanding Student Service Award: presented to the senior who has demonstrated an exemplary commitment to serving the less fortunate through diverse and meaningful volunteer experiences and going above and beyond the number of required service hours

Isabella Rizo-Patron ’23
The Charles Murray Student Humanitarian Award: given to a student who, like Charles Murray ’60, personifies the Gilmour mission, having not only the competence to see, but the courage to act in the name of justice and humanity
Aidan Flynn ’23
Chaplain’s Awards: presented to seniors who go about giving daily witness to their faith and living our Holy Cross Mission
Ziya Damas ’23, Benjamin Douglas ’23, Clark Furman ’23, Sophia Johnson ’23,
Veronica Khula ’23, Andrew Lewis ’23, Thomas McCrone ’23, Molly Moore ’23, Brandon Rose ’23, Sofia Salvino ’23, Eli Swirsky ’23 and Clare Valenza ’23
Brother James O’Donnell Campus Residency Award: presented annually to the senior or post-grad residence hall students who represent the spirit of Brother James O’Donnell, a former teacher, mentor and dormitory proctor at Gilmour, through strong performance in the classroom and in extracurricular activities, as well as involvement within the residence hall community life
Isabel Goolie ’23 and Drew Lemire ’23
Director of the Upper School Award: recognizes seniors who have impacted our Gilmour Academy community in significant, meaningful and sometimes unrecognized ways, making Gilmour a better place because they were here
Cole Bridges ’23, Deaglan Bryant ’23, Lane Levengood ’23, Jinglong “Michael” Liu ’23, Adisa Molton II ’23, Brandon Paluszak ’23, Clare Peterson ’23,
Kaitlin Rulison ’23, Savannah So ’23 and Edith Tomasek ’23
Brother Theophane Schmitt Trophies: awarded annually to students who best exemplify outstanding school spirit in the tradition of Br. Theophane Schmitt, C.S.C., the school’s founder
Tilman Moe ’23 and Madeline Boyle ’23
The Gilmour Trophies: The highest honor a student can receive at Gilmour, the award is presented to a male and female in the graduating class who best exemplify the Gilmour outcomes the school hopes to instill in each student.
Rylyn Anderson ’23 and Louka Babic ’23

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