Building Bridges Between Cultures Through Foreign Languages

Last week, we celebrated Foreign Language Week on campus. The theme for the week was “Architectural Wonders: Languages Build Bridges.” The theme centered on the role languages play as bridges between people and cultures, connecting us and helping us see one another for who we are. There were a host of activities planned throughout the week and students collected stamps on their passports for each activity in which they participated.

Highlights included:

FLW Café
: On Monday before school started, the café was bustling as students and faculty picked up their churros, pain au chocolat and fruit before class. 

FLW Poster Contest: The whole school voted on winning posters for Middle School and Upper School language courses.
Film: We showed the film "A Better Life" in the CPA, which highlights immigration and the challenges families face.

Forum: Social Justice and Immigration - Students had the chance to hear from José Arnulfo Cabrera, the Director of Education and Advocacy for Migration from The Ignatian Solidarity Network.

Spanish/French Karaoke: Students were able to choose a song in their target language and sing with friends!

The Great Roman Build-Off: Like a bake-off but with various building materials! Students built structures modeled after ancient Roman architecture.

Debrief of Elizabeth Acevedo's poem "Afro-latina:" In Convo students heard a performance by slam poet Elizabeth Acevedo called "Afro-latina." They were then invited to participate in a large group discussion where they shared their thoughts on this poem and their own personal experiences within their own culture.

Frida Kahlo Escape Room: Students learned about Mexican artist Frida Kahlo while solving clues in an escape room setting!
Lunch with native Spanish and French speakers: Thanks to many of our Gilmour families, students were able to bring their lunch and practice conversing in their target language with native speakers.  

Salsa Dancing: Viva Dance Studio came to teach our students how to salsa. We had a great turnout and the students had some great dance moves!

It was quite a week! Check out these photos of all the fun!

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