“Black History is American History.” – Morgan Freeman

February is Black History month and Director of Diversity and Inclusion Evan Richard has planned activities throughout the entire month around the theme of “Reimagining Black History.”  

This theme focuses on the reality that Black history is about more than slavery and the horrors that have plagued our country and reminds us that its observation does not start and end in February. Black History is global history and, most significantly for us, it is our American history. The sacrifices, successes, perspectives and fortitude of so many Africans, African Americans, Black and Black American people are woven into the very fabric of our society.

So, throughout February, we have a number of activities at Convocation, during Community Block and in Advisory designed to lend focus to this important part of our history:

  • Convocation  - Mr. Richard has shared Black History Month facts as well as asked our community to face the discomfort of the challenging moments from our past in order to grow in the present. Students and faculty members have also delivered reflections and we have examined Black history in Cleveland.
  • Community Block - Each Wednesday this month, we are showing films such as “A Ballerina’s Tale” and “42.”
  • Advisory - During each advisory session this month, we are having a Black History Month Advisory Challenge and working to promote understanding, enrichment, competency, courageousness and global citizenship. 

We have an exciting month planned. Ask your children about what they’ve learned and encourage the effort and intentions of our students and our Gilmour community to better one another and our understanding of the importance of “Reimagining Black History.” 

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