Fall Catalyst Students Work on Cutting-Edge Semester-Long Research Projects

Catalyst, a semester-long research project alongside experts in the field, is designed to help interested students increase their abilities to think critically, communicate effectively and learn independently in a research context, while gaining access to area experts within a particular field. The fall Catalyst program participants worked on research projects throughout the first semester and, this week, presented the results of their research to their mentors, faculty members and guests.

Congratulations to the following four students, who completed the Catalyst project.
  • Anthony Gillespie, Jr. ’20 worked with a research group in CWRU’s genetics department on cutting-edge drug research to enhance CFTR gene function in cystic fibrosis patients. 
  • Charlie Xie ’20 worked with a research team at CSU’s Aging, Cognition and Emotion Laboratory to study how individuals with borderline personality disorder characteristics regulate their emotions when exposed to challenging stimuli. 
  • Will Habe ’20 learned CAD (a computer-aided design system) alongside members of CWRU’s mechanical engineering department. He then helped design an insulated battery box for a snowplow robot. 
  • Using computational modeling based on big data processing, Alex Zhao ’20 assisted a research team in CWRU’s civil engineering department to develop a predictive model for photo-degradation rate constants, which are needed for the application of water contaminant treatments. He also co-authored a paper that has been submitted for publication!

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