Chinese Students Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

Gilmour's Chinese students took time last Thursday to celebrate the Mid-Autumn, or Moon, Festival. This festival is the second-most important celebration in Chinese culture. It takes place on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, which happens to be the night of the fullest moon. 

There are many traditions that vary by region, but the most important is spending time with family. Similar to Thanksgiving in the United States, Chinese families travel far and wide to reunite with family and friends to enjoy a special dinner and sing chants to the full harvest moon.

Families eat traditional Chinese food during the Mid-Autumn Festival, but the signature pastry is the mooncake.They have a beautiful crust design with a dense center that is often filled with red bean or lotus paste, jujube paste, or mixed nuts.

The boarding program strives to create an inclusive environment that builds a sense of belonging for all residents, and the Mid-Autumn Festival is the first of many cultural celebrations this year.

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