The Gilmour Academy Film Festival is in its fourth year. This year it is running online in a virtual setting! Past Best-In-Show winners have included "Life of a Potato," by Christina Moore '20 and "Origami Dragon," by Angeline Monitello '19. This year, the film fest was supposed to debut in its new permanent home — The Lorraine and Bill Dodero Center for Performing Arts.

The film categories include Non-Fiction, Fiction, and, new for 2020, 90-Second Shorts.

Best in Show - Tie

    • Unseen (Non-Fiction)

      Jake Howse

      This film was made about a student's experience before attending Gilmour Academy. He is now in a much better place!

    • Basketball With My Brother (Non-Fiction)

      Connor O'Toole

      Connor made this film to honor the memory of playing basketball with his brother through the years and the special bond they share as a result.

Winners by Category

    • A City of Glass

      Olivia Caruso

    • The Life of Clay

      Reese Fedele

    • untitled

      Teddy FitzGerald



    • All I Want X Fix You Mashup

      Kaylee and Kristen Oliveto

    • Keeping up With The Dunlevys

      Leo Dunlevy

    • A Day in the Life of a Computer

      Anna Rarick

    • A Day in the Life of a Candle

      Isabella Compres

    • Can’t help falling in love tutorial

      Kristen and Kaylee Oliveto



    • Aggie Takes a Stumble

      Madelyn Fitzpatrick

    • Red Light Green Light

      John Lewis

    • Kidnapped

      Olivia Caruso

    • Cheating on a Test: Online

      Laney Klika

    • News Report

      Lane Levengood

    • The Drive

      Olivia Caruso

    • Hey, Mom

      Kendra Barlow

    • Star Wars: The New Jedi

      Teddy Fitzgerald

    • Lost and Finding

      Dominic Schiciano

    • Lumiere

      Bowden Slabe

    • The Barn

      Leo Dunlevy


90-Second Shorts

    • bella has anger management

      Aggie Breen

    • The Coffee

      John Fitzgerald

    • u14 barons toilet paper hockey

      Caroline Thomas

    • Who's Tupac

      Jack Starr



Genevieve Schwartz is the Assistant Director of the Cinematheque at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Since the age of five, she has had a love for film, especially the avant-garde genre, film noir, John Waters and "Little Shop of Horrors." When not watching films, she creates jewelry and goes on adventures exploring Cleveland.
Robert C. Banks Jr. is a working filmmaker/photographer born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He has taught photography and filmmaking at both the high school and college levels and currently teaches at NewBridge Cleveland Center for Arts and Technology.
Robert’s first love is traditional cinema and his films have played all over the world. He just released his first feature length film, "Paper Shadows." He has inspired many young filmmakers from all over northeast Ohio, several of whom now work in the professional film industry.

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