• December

    Arts at the Academy Music Lessons Winter Session Registration

    Registration for the 14-week Winter session (January-May) will open on December 18. View the flyer for more information [link to flyer about lessons]. That day, there will also be an “Instrument Petting Zoo,” [link to Petting Zoo flyer] so the students can touch and play a variety of instruments. It will be held at 9:30 a.m. at the Lower School, right after the Grades 1-5 Christmas concert. 

    Sign up for Winter lessons today!

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  • Heart and Mind

    December 9 - December 13  
    Charism of the month: Option for the Poor

    Financial: The students enjoyed Pay Day for their classroom jobs!

    Academic: We looked at the question: “What is collaboration and how does working with a group help me be successful?”

    Physical: We participated in the 12 Days of Fitness and sang the song to go along with the exercises.

    Social Emotional: We discussed recognizing social cues and how to respond positively in different situations. 

    Spiritual: We worked on demonstrating awareness for those in need and identifying how we have helped them. 

    Community Block: Family Fun Day! Ask your child what they did!
  • Student Recognition

    Congratulations to the following students, who were honored at the Student Recognition ceremony during Community Block last Friday.
    Lancer Lottery Winners: Katelyn Lennon '32, Emmanuel Mascha '32, Luke Woodhouse '28, Lauren Bell '28, Evan Lindley '27
    5-Ticket Milestone: Alex Savron '31, Natalie Klang '31, Jimmy Lennon '30, James Pace '30, Berkley Kraus '29, Jackson Kraus '29, Luke Woodhouse '28, Holly McCarthy '27, Lon'Cherie Billingsley-Ballard '27, Hamza Casey '27, Matthew Lewis '27, Nate Griffith '27, Anthony Martin '27, Alex Kish '27, Iulius Braho '27, Allee Bell '26, Riley Boylan '26, Trevor Bilant '26, Michael Fannin '26
    10-Ticket Milestone: Mark Daly '30, Marty Klang '29, Johnny Barbato '29, Lauren Bell '28, Maddie Colleran '28, Jack Newman '28, Hayden Pyle '28, Carly Crawford '27
    15-Ticket Milestone: Sarah Richmond '27
    VIP (Very Important Progress) Recipients: Journey Davis '32, Katelyn Lennon '32, Grant Gabel '31, Pippa Kulis '30, Gia DiPierro '29, Johnny Barbato '29, Ashley Johnson '29, Marty Klang '29, Calla Wilson '28, Jack Newman '28, Quinn Kilkenney '28, Frankie Sustar '28, Marissa Pawlowski '28, Theophany Ksenyak Goudas '27, Anthony Martin '27, Nyla Edwards '27, Sarah Richmond '27, Evan Lindley '27, Ava Thoreson '27, Lon'Cherie Billingsley-Ballard '27, Holly McCarthy '27, Emily Kish '26, Liam Sanders '26, Ellie Zorska '26, Casey Nakhooda '26, Logan Wolfe '26, Javi Swinarski '26, Joel Vaughan '26, Will Scott '26, Riley Boylan '26, AJ Bell '26.
  • Third Graders Learn About Life in Alaska from Senior Boarding Student

    This week, the third graders had a special visitor! Boarding student Jaron Ketterman ’20 came to talk to them about his home state of Alaska. He also plays hockey at Gilmour. Many students have now added Alaska to their travel list. Thanks, Jaron!
  • Princess Skate

  • November


    In honor of National Monopoly Day on November 19, fifth and sixth graders, along with a few brave teachers and staff, joined Ms. Gajda and Ms. Skeggs for a game of Gilmouropoly! The giant game board was created using the names of teachers’ rooms instead of the usual locations. Teams moved around the board by answering a mix of math equations and language arts questions, and completing PE challenges. Buying properties, collecting rent, avoiding the office (lose a turn) and trying to earn extra money for good sportsmanship made for a fun, learning experience.  

    On Sunday, November 10 several girls from the Lower School participated in the Girls on the Run 5K celebration at Mayfield High School.

    Congratulations to Lauren Bell '28, Gia DiPierro '29, Ashley Johnson '29, Berkley Kraus '29, Marissa Pawlowski '28, Ava Thoreson '27, Calla Wilson '28 and Zara Zai '26 who were all part of the Girls on the Run program. Thank you to Ms. Schmidt, Mrs. Pestotnik, Mrs. Law, Mrs. Stefanski and Mrs. Turocy for coaching the girls and making this a memorable experience for all.
  • Heart and Mind Wellness Focus: November 18-22

    Charism of the Month: Option for the Poor
    Below are the ways we focused on wellness at the Lower School this week:

    Financial - Brainstormed and shared examples of wants and needs, differentiating them both, while focusing on prioritizing money/budgets

    Academic - 
    Reviewed and learned ways to maximize time utilizing time management strategies

    Physical - Got creative with exercise with the Turkey Dance and Turkey Hunt as well as the sixth-grade Cornucopia game 

    Social Emotional -  Wrote notes of gratitude to others

    Spiritual - Participated in guided mindfulness and reflected in journals

    Community Block - Participated in the inaugural Turkey Bowl Championship game with Field Day teams, and played a variety of Thanksgiving-themed games
  • Progress Reports Available

    Progress reports for the second grading period have been published and are available online. To access, select the Progress tab on your student's portal page, click on "Report cards" under "Performance." and select "Progress 2 19-20." If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Gutowski at gutowskij@gilmour.org or (440) 473-8138. 
  • Heart and Mind Wellness Focus: November 11-15

    Charism of the Month: Option for the Poor
    Below are the ways we focused on wellness at the Lower School this week:

    Academic - Celebrated World Kindness Day by demonstrating random acts of kindness to contribute to the happiness of others

    Physical - Worked in pairs and groups to make fitness fun 

    Social Emotional - Demonstrated consideration for and contributed to the well-being of the school, community and world

    Spiritual - Students participated in guided online calming meditation

    Community Block - Students teamed up with the prep hockey team to learn about Skating for a Solution and engaged in activities related to Autism Awareness
  • Veterans' Day

    The kindergarteners wrote thank-you letters to Mr. Marcum for his service in the Marine Corps. They also learned about the five branches of the military.
  • Attention Parents of Students in Grades 4-12

    We would like to once again offer Ski Club this year for Grades 4-12. In order to do this, we are looking for a few parent volunteers to supervise and chaperone the students on the bus to and from Brandywine Ski Resort in Peninsula, Ohio. Ski Club season begins in January. Please contact Club Moderator Jeanne Tippen at (440) 473-8000 x1401 with any questions regarding volunteering.
  • Day Of The Dead At The Lower School

    ¡Feliz Día de Muertos! We celebrated Day of the Dead, which was on November 1 and 2, in class. Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico and other parts of Latin America, as well as the United States. It is a celebratory holiday to remember the dead. We celebrated by making calaveras de azúcar, or sugar skulls. These are usually used to decorate Day of the Dead ofrendas, or altars.

    View the photos here. 
  • Heart and Mind Wellness Focus: November 4 - November 8

    Charism of the Month: Option for the Poor
    Below are the ways we focused on wellness at the Lower School this week:

    Academic - Talked about different ways to handle stress when frustrated and noted that mindful coloring is a great stress reliever

    Physical - Started the day off right with a variety of exercises 

    Social Emotional - Discussed recognizing, identifing and empathizing with the feelings and perspectives of others

    Spiritual - Developed awareness and empathy for those in need and correlating it to the charism of the month

    Community Block - Family Fun Day! Ask your child what activity they did today.
  • Lancer Lottery

    Last Friday the students at the Lower School gathered during Community Block to focus on student recognition. Students were recognized for reaching Lancer Lottery milestones, earning VIP (Very Important Progress) certificates, and our sixth-grade fall student-athletes were also acknowledged. 

    The lucky winners for the Lancer Lottery drawing included Pippa Kulis '30, Mark Daly '30, Henry Morley '28, Lauren Bell '28 and Anthony Martin '27.
    5 Ticket Milestone - Emmanuel Mascha '32, Luna Casey '31, Mark Daly '30, Pippa Kulis'30, Jakob Bennish '30, Mia Dinunzio '30, Maura Kilkenney '30, Liz Savron '29, Henry Turk '29, Marty Klang '29, Johnny Barbato '29, Max Scalf '29, Gia DiPierro '29, Jack Newman '28, Maddie Colleran '28, Quinn Kilkenney '28, Calla Wilson '28, Finn Levengood '28, Marissa Pawlowski '28, Carly Crawford '27, Cole Keller '27, Will Scott '26, Tyler Mee '26, Ellie Zorska '26, Emily Kish '26 and Mary Turner '26.
    10 Ticket Milestone - Alex LaCroix '29, Duncan Nakhooda '28, Morgan Pfundstein '27 and Casey Nakhooda '26.
    15 Ticket Milestone- Thomas Daly '27
    VIP Recipients
    Emmanuel Mascha '32, Sophia Woodhouse '31, Jimmy Nalmpantis '31, Rory Johnson '31, Jimmy Lennon '30, James Pace '30, Jakob Bennish '29, Max Scalf '29, Liz Savron '29, Berkley Kraus '29, Marty Klang '29, Lauren Bell '28, Luke Woodhouse '28, Henry Morley '28, Holly McCarthy '27, Cole Keller '27, Sarah Richmond '27, Anthony Martin '27, Evan Lindley '27, Logan Wolfe '26, Ava Gundling '26, Emily Kish '26, Javi Swinarski '26, Tyler Mee '26 and Casey Nakhooda '26.
    Fall Sport Athletes
    Cross Country - Joel Vaughan '26 and Sameer Pandya '26
    Soccer- Nathan Lindley '26, Michael Fannin '26, Trevor Bilant '26, Greg Savron '26 and Mary Turner '26
    Volleyball- Roma Alvarez '26, Riley Boylan '26 and Ellie Zorska '26
  • Student Leadership Club

    Last week, students came into school on Halloween morning and discovered the pleasant surprise of candy favors hanging in their lockers. These favors were given courtesy of the newly formed Student Leadership Club. Student Leadership Club members (SLC for short) consist of fifth-and sixth-grade students who want to get involved with spreading kindness and positivity throughout our school building. Thanks to all of the fifth-grade students who helped put the candy favors together, and stay tuned for more SLC initiatives happening throughout the school year.
  • Spanish Students Discover Wonder of Hispanic Flamenco Ballet

    Students enjoyed the Hispanic Flamenco Ballet field trip on Halloween! We saw “Latin American Fiesta,” and students learned about dances from a number of regions - México; La Bomba from Puerto Rico; Bachata and Merengue from the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Venezuelan folklore; the Colombian Cumbia and Salsa Caleña; the Samba from Brazil; and the Argentinian Tango. Sixth graders Angela and Sameer did a fabulous job bailando, or, dancing, on stage at the end. ¡Bravo!

    Check out the video here!
  • October

    Heart and Mind Wellness Focus: October 28 – November 1

    Below are the ways we focused on all-around wellness at the Lower School this week:

    Academic - Keeping materials and locker organized to support academic success

    Physical - Getting active with Halloween dances like “The Monster Shuffle” and “Ghostbusters”

    Social Emotional - Halloween-themed activities such as Sudoku and crosswords

    Spiritual - Purposeful prayer writing and coloring in “Hands of Prayer” as well as reflecting in their journal

    Community Block - Student recognition with Lancer Lottery and VIP
  • Discovering the World Around the Us

    This week the children made homemade lanterns to put light into the world, as the clocks fall back and it becomes dark. We brought our lanterns when we took a walk in the woods with Mr. Haag to explore nature. We encourage you to go on a walk with your child and their lantern at dusk and ask your child to embrace nature and use their senses to discover the sounds, sights and smells of the night. 

    There are light festivals all around the world, from the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrated in China and Vietnam to Germany's St. Martin's Day Festival and Diwali (Hindu Festival of Lights). Nearly every faith tradition has a winter holiday that involves light—from the Hanukkah menorah to Christmas tree lights to the Mishumaa Saba (The Seven Candles) of Kwanzaa. 

    We want to embrace all holidays and expose the children to differences in people throughout the world. If your family celebrates any special day, please let us know so we can create a lesson or material to reflect that day.
  • Heart and Mind Wellness Focus: October 21 - 25

    As part of Gilmour’s Wellness Initiative, the Lower School students begin each day with a focus on Heart and Mind Wellness. Below is a description of the activities for this week.
    Financial: Pay Day! Students were paid with “money” from jobs they did around the classroom and will be able to spend this money at a spirit store coming soon!
    Academic: Students worked on finding ways to manage stress when frustrated (ex. mindful coloring).
    Physical: All enjoyed performing Warrior 1, 2 and 3 yoga poses to enhance muscular strength and flexibility.
    Social Emotional: As a group, we demonstrated the ability to prevent, manage and resolve interpersonal conflicts in a constructive way.
    Spiritual: Students discovered the power of reflective, mindfulness exercises to create self-awareness and an opportunity to observe their own thoughts.
  • Sudoku Puzzle

    The fifth grade reviewed the concepts of greatest common factor and least common multiple, while honing their critical thinking skills, with a challenging Sudoku puzzle. Students calculated LCM, GCF and answered questions about prime and composite numbers to start their puzzle.
  • Nature Workshop for Children Ages 3-6

    Parents of our Lower School students ages 3-6, please join us as we celebrate fall on our beautiful campus at our Nature Workshop on Saturday, November 16 from 10-11:30 a.m. You and your child will have the opportunity to harvest herbs and greens from our gardens, discover which came first - the chicken or the egg - at our new chicken coop, and find out what the buzz is around our bee hives. Who knew learning could be so much fun? We did!
    Space is limited. Register today!
  • Lower School Students Have the Courage to Act

    The entire Lower School community demonstrated the courage to act in creating Blessing Bags on Founders’ Day that were donated to the children at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospitals. On October 2, the sixth graders delivered the bags to Rainbow and were given a private tour of the hospital. They learned about the exceptional care given at Rainbow and saw firsthand how our Holy Cross mission at Gilmour can impact the lives of others.  
  • Metric Day

    The fourth and fifth graders, along with Mrs. Stefanski and Ms. Gajda, hosted Metric Day to celebrate 10/10. Students from Kindergarten through Grade 6 joined in events designed to test our metric measuring skills. Events included the Straw Javelin, the Cotton Ball Shot Put, the Paper Airplane Throw and the Paper Plate Discus. Everyone enjoyed participating in the various stations while also practicing their metric measuring.
  • Trunk-or-Treat Rescheduled

    Thursday, October 24, 5-7 p.m., Lower School Parking Lot

    Due to the poor weather this week, Trunk-or-Treat has been postponed until the rain date, next Thursday. Registration will remain open for those who would still like to register. If you registered for last night's event but are unable to attend next Thursday, please contact communications@gilmour.org.
  • Hatching Eggs

    As part of our Nature-Based Learning program, the Montessori students had the opportunity to incubate silky chicken eggs in their classrooms. There was a great hatching! The students enjoyed listening to the chicks during the day and learning that even a “small” creature can have a “big” voice. Everyone also had the opportunity to hold the soft little creatures. It was very hard to say goodbye when the chicks were taken back to the farm.
  • Lancer Lottery Winners

    Congratulations to winner’s of last Friday’s Lancer Lottery: Maura Kilkenney ’30, Eli Hamburg ’30, Quinn Kilkenney ’28, Lon'Cherie Billingsley-Ballard ’27, Iulius Braho ’27
    A shoutout to those who reached Mileston Ticket levels as well.
    5-Ticket Milestone:
    Megan Flaherty ’30, Eli Hamburg ’30, Ashley Johnson ’29, Alex LaCroix ’29, Lauren Bell ’28, Hayden Pyle ’28, Frankie Sustar ’28, Liam Pales ’28, Nyla Edwards ’27, Nathan Lennon ’27, Morgan Pfundstein ’27, Ava Thoreson ’27, Roma Alvarez ’26, Casey Nakhooda ’26
    10 Ticket Milestone:
    Delaney Kilkenney ’27, Thomas Daly ’27, Sarah Richmond ’27, Evan Lindley ’27
  • Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

    The Lower School is celebrating Hispanic Heritage month by recognizing all students who would like to share their heritage. Students in Grades 5 and 6 are learning to describe themselves using the verb SER and incorporated that into their presentations.
  • September

    Grandparents Day

    Grandparents Day will be held on Friday, October 4. Click here for the invitation and RSVP information. We look forward to meeting your child’s guests on this special day.
  • Attention Sixth-Grade Parents

    Gilmour has two specific merit-based scholarships - the Excel Award and the Inspire Award - for which all students entering seventh grade may be considered. This includes current Gilmour students. To qualify for either of these merit awards, current Gilmour students need not fill out the Gilmour application, but must take the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) by January 17. The ISEE will be administered on Gilmour’s campus on September 21, October 12, November 9 and December 21. Register for the ISEE online. When registering, choose to have your child’s scores sent to Gilmour. Our school code is 362270.
  • Science in Action

    Upper School student Elena Espenschied ’22 gave Mrs. Russell’s Montessori students a caterpillar she had found. After watching the caterpillar transform into a beautiful monarch butterfly, the students were able to release her this week and watch as she began her journey to Mexico.
  • Lancer Lottery

    Excitement was in the air at the Lower School last Friday, as students and teachers gathered to take part in the first Lancer Lottery drawing of the school year. Our lucky winners were Emmanuel Mascha ’32, Mia Dinunzio ’30, Johnny Barbato ’29, Marissa Pawlowski ’28 and Sarah Richmond ’27 We have also added milestone rewards that students can reach throughout the year, and our first two students to reach the five-ticket milestone are Duncan Nakhooda ’28 and Delaney Kilkenney ’27. Congrats to all of the winners!
  • Blessing Bags

    As part of our Founder’s Week celebrations, the Lower School is participating in a special service project. We will be assembling Blessing Bags to be distributed to area children’s hospitals. Please read the list of needed donations by grade level.
  • Second graders in STEM

    The second graders are currently studying the STEM design process. They began by identifying a problem. They believe that our chicken coop at the Lower School needs to be larger. 
    In the "ask" phase of the STEM design process, they visited our chicken coop and spoke with chicken expert, Ms. Sanders, about the new space and accommodations our five chickens need. After, they returned to class to complete the "imagine" phase by brainstorming ideas and making a plan to create a larger chicken coop!
    Next, they began the "create" phase of the STEM design process. The chicken coops the students made are quite creative and inventive! Many students created large, spacious chicken coop models, and some added extra enhancements! They are hoping there’s room in the budget for some of their ideas like evacuation boats, zip-lines, pools and obstacle courses!
    Finally, we got to complete the "communicate" portion of the STEM design process. They shared their chicken coop models with Ms. Sanders and she offered encouragement, more ideas and constructive feedback on the students’ work. The students then used her advice to reflect and complete the "improve" portion of the STEM process. As engineers, the students understand the STEM process never ends because one can always continue enhancing and revising our ideas!
  • August

    Happy birthday Maria Montessori!

    Happy birthday to Maria Montessori, founder of the first Montessori school in 1907! Subsequently, she traveled the world and wrote extensively about her approach to education, attracting many devotees.

    There are now thousands of Montessori schools in countries worldwide, including here at Gilmour! Our four Montessori classes (Toddler-Kindergarten) came together this morning to celebrate her birthday!
  • She Laid an Egg!

    This week, we found our first egg in the chicken coop. Each of the chickens will lay a different colored egg. Since this egg was blue, we think it was laid by Muffin, our Americauna chicken. 

    Once the chickens are regularly laying eggs, the plan is to donate the eggs to Cleveland Roots, a non-profit in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood of Cleveland located in a food desert. Cleveland Roots recently opened their storefront market place on Wednesday evenings. The goal is to grow awareness and produce availability there. We'll also donate some of the vegetables we grow in the garden for the market.
  • Treatment Agreements

    Last week, the Lower School set the tone for a fantastic school year with students and teachers collaborating to create classroom treatment agreements by grade level.  The agreements factored in every student’s input before a finalized list was voted on by the entire homeroom. Each treatment agreement focused on four specific quadrants that outlined how students are expected to treat each other, how students should treat teachers, how teachers should treat students, and how everyone should be treating the classroom environment and materials. The agreements were solidified with signatures from staff and students to create a unified commitment to respect and accountability. When substitute teachers, student visitors, or new guests enter the classroom they will also be invited to sign the agreements in the hopes of creating an inclusive environment and standard for how we should be treating one another. View the agreements here. 
  • Back At It!

    The Lower School opened the school year with our annual Back-to-School Picnic on Friday, August 16. The faculty and staff welcomed more than 250 people during the picnic. It was wonderful to catch up with returning families and also have a chance to get to meet and visit with our new families.
  • May

    Art Show Features LS Work Inspired by Impressionist, Surrealist, Pop and Modern Glass Artists

    The Spring Art Show boasted amazing works of art created by students in Kindergarten-Grade 6. Mrs. Sheehan guided students through various multi-step projects including hand building with clay; textile weavings; and large-scale projects inspired by various Impressionist, Surrealist, pop and modern glass artists.

    Friends and family, students and faculty enjoyed walking throughout the exhibit, which featured installations in which you could walk around and participate. The Kusama-inspired Obliteration Room created by the second graders was a hit! Everyone enjoyed placing stickers on the stark white room, filling it with color as the show went on. The soft, melting clocks created by the fourth graders were also a crowd favorite. Thank you for your continued support of the visual arts at the Lower School!

    Click here to view the pictures from Mrs. Sheehan, Ms. Martin and photographer Jen Hearn.
  • How Our Toddlers Have Grown

    Mrs. Conforti’s Montessori Toddler Class would like to wish everyone a wonderful summer! We have had a wonderful year watching the youngest Gilmour students grow and develop day by day.
  • Fifth-Grade Immersion Project

    Fifth graders capped off this year with a multi-day immersion project dubbed "The Shape of Things." Students started their journey with a trip to play miniature golf! How do the angles of incidence and reflection come into play? Students observed and sketched geometry in action, then designed and built their own miniature golf course based on their blueprint designs. Each stop along the course depicted a region of the United States where renewable wind energy is utilized. Students created informational placards to teach their fellow classmates about the wind farms. Research skills, collaborative thinking and engineering design transformed the classroom into a "whirlwind" of fun!
  • Final Fiesta

    As a final fiesta for the year, sixth graders had the opportunity to participate in a guacamole class with Spanish teacher Señorita McQuiston and Gilmour parent Mrs. Adriana Mascha. Students learned how to feel and pick avocados and the steps to make guacamole. ¡Qué rico! Students had been learning restaurant vocabulary and how to order food in a restaurant. They had the opportunity to practice it later when all of sixth grade had a Mexican meal together.  
  • First Communion

    May 19 was a glorious Sunday morning as our second graders made their First Holy Communion in Our Lady Chapel. It was a day filled with cherished memories, God’s graces and the children receiving the most beautiful gift, Jesus.
  • Sixth-Grade Immersion Project

    The sixth graders finished their time in the Lower School with one final project. This interdisciplinary immersion project was better known as “Truss Worthy." After learning about the construction and foundation of bridges from an Ohio Department of Transportation engineer, and a field trip to three different bridge construction sites in the city of Cleveland, the students set off to build their very own bridges. In small groups, students were asked to create one of four types of bridges - beam, cable stay, suspension or truss. After creating to-scale blueprints, the students then constructed a bridge made entirely from balsa wood. The final drawings and constructed bridges were truly a sight to see!
  • Board-Breaking Work

    The taekwondo students worked on focus, self-discipline, balance and coordination. They learned the basic forms for taekwondo and broke a board at the end of their belt testing.   
  • After-School Reading Buddies

    At the end of the school day, some of the after-school students have been volunteering to read to the toddlers in the after-school program. They have been a huge hit! Pictured are Megan Flaherty ’30 and Gia DiPierro ’29 reading to the toddlers.
  • Mega Lottery Winners

    Last Friday, there was a lot of excitement at the Lower School as we held our last Lancer Lottery of the school year, coined the "Mega Lottery." Instead of drawing the usual five winners to receive dress-down days, we chose four winners each from Grades 1-6. The 24 lucky students that heard their names called still received a dress-down day, but were also rewarded with a special trip to Sky Zone (it will be on Tuesday, May 21). The Lancer Lottery proved to be a great reinforcement of our mission and culture at Gilmour Academy, and we look forward to continuing and growing this positive reward system next school year.
    Congratulations to the following winners:
    1st Grade - Megan Flaherty ’30, Maura Kilkenney ’30, Mia Dinunzio ’30 (not pictured) Isabella Woodhouse ’30 (not pictured)
    2nd Grade - Johnny Barbato ’29, Berkley Kraus ’29, Ashley Johnson ’29, Gia DiPierro ’29
    3rd Grade - Duncan Nakhooda ’28, Hayden Pyle ’28, Marissa Pawlowski ’28, Calla Wilson ’28
    4th Grade - Morgan Pfundstein ’27, Ava Thoreson ’27, Anthony Martin ’27, Nathan Lennon ’27
    5th Grade - Lou Sawyer ’26 (not pictured), Emily Kish ’26, Trevor Bilant ’26, Tyler Mee ’26
    6th Grade - Carter Richmond ’25, David Pfundstein ’25, Jacob Wierup ’25, Nathaniel Dulzer ’25
  • Mothers’ Day Tea

    Mrs. Russell’s Montessori class began this special day by presenting the play “The Very Lonely Firefly” to their mothers. After, the students and their mothers celebrated by dancing together and having a lovely tea. What a joyous time!
  • Virtual Investment Club

    This spring, a group of Lower School students in Grades 3-6 participated in the Virtual Investment Club. Many thanks to Mr. Azim Nakhooda, father of Casey ’26 and Duncan ’28, who taught the after-school class. Mr. Nakhooda is an experienced investor and a Principal at Cedar Brook Group, one of the region’s largest independent wealth management firms.
    The group met for five Wednesdays after school to learn about investing in the markets. Throughout the sessions, they discovered that the purpose and benefit of investing is to provide capital to develop products and services for society’s gain. They learned that, in return, the investor expects gains adjusted for risk. The students were divided into small groups to research and select investments with virtual money. Each group then gave a short presentation on their chosen investment before having a “team” discussion about which to include in the portfolio.

    The goal of the class was to teach the basic principles of investing and possibly spark an interest in these budding investors!

  • Nature Photographers at the Lower School

    Whether they were on Spring Break,  their trip to Williamsburg, or in their own backyards, fifth-grade students had their cameras in hand looking for moments to capture for Audubon’s Youth Photography Contest. Some photos were naturally beautiful and some were naturally funny.

    Congratulations to finalists
    Lily Lardomita ’26, Emily Kish ’26, Tyler Mee ’26, Robbie MacKinlay ’26 and Will Scott ’26, whose photos will be entered into the worldwide contest. 
  • Plastic Bottle Recycling Challenge

    This fall, sixth-grade students learned about the impact of plastics in the oceans during their study of polymers in science class. Concerned about how animals are affected and how plastic degrades into microplastics, students decided to create an awareness campaign at the Lower School to encourage classmates to reduce, reuse, recycle and refuse! 

    For Earth Day, students challenged the Lower School to see which grade level could collect the most plastic bottles in one week. They collected more than 700 bottles! 

    Congratulations to the fourth grade for bringing in the most bottles per person! These bottles will be upcycled and recycled. What a great way to make a difference for our planet!
  • Principal for a Day

    Trevor Bilant ‘26 enjoyed serving as Principal for a Day today! Part of his duties included an official lunch in Tudor House with Head of School Mrs. Kenny.
  • A Visit to the Big Apple

    Sixth graders kicked off the month of May by taking in the sights of New York City! Lighting candles at St. Patrick’s Cathedral; walking across the Brooklyn Bridge; exploring Rockefeller Center, the New York Public Library and Central Park; and climbing to the top of One World Observatory, students gained a new appreciation for their studies of history, science and technology. They challenged themselves as they toured the 9/11 Memorial, the Intrepid and the American Museum of Natural History, and they were dazzled by the Broadway show, “Aladdin!”
  • Barbie Bungee Jumping

    As an introduction to linear equations, the fifth grade worked in teams to collect data using four rubber bands and a doll. Once the measurements and data tables were completed, students used the averages calculated to determine how many rubber bands would be necessary to have Barbie bungee jump 230 centimeters safely. After some discussion about variables and different ways the teams determined their predictions, we applied what we learned to predict and test how many rubber bands would safely plunge Ken. Everyone enjoyed watching as each Barbie and Ken plunged to test the teams' calculations.
  • Gilmour Academy and Fairmount Center for the Arts Presented Play

    Congratulations to the following students who performed “That’s Happiness, Charlie Brown”!
    Charlie Brown - Johnny Barbato '29
    Lucy- Marissa Pawlowski '28
    Linus- Alex Lacroix '29
    Sally- Berkley Kraus '29
    Snoopy- Jackson Kraus '29
  • Lancer Lottery

    Congratulations to the Lancer Lottery winners from the drawing on Friday, April 26:  Casey Lennon '30, Duncan Nakhooda '28, Will Scott '26, Trevor Bilant '26, and Drew Zelch '25.
  • Living The Gilmour Mission

    The fourth and fifth graders demonstrated their “Courage to Act” as they traveled to Holy Angels in Bainbridge for their service field trip on Monday, April 29. The students attended 9 a.m. Mass; had a special talk with pastor Fr. Max Cole regarding “feeding the hungry;” and then sorted, packed and delivered 10 boxes of canned good to the Chagrin Falls Park food pantry.  

  • April


    Ms. Dawn’s Montessori Toddler class celebrated Earth Day by reusing pinecones to make bird feeders. The children gathered the pinecones while on a walk around the school grounds. Each child will take a bird feeder home to hang outside and wait for the birds to come feast on the seeds.

    The clothing and monetary donations collected at the Lower School were taken to the children at Nuevo Paraiso, a home for children, and to Santiago, a home for boys, during the spring Gilmour Academy Mission Trip to Honduras. The students and faculty at the homes were also able to buy some uniforms and have a small farewell party with the monetary donations from the Lower School. Thank you so much for your generous donations! They were an incredible blessing across borders. ¡Muchísimas gracias!
  • Lancer Lottery

    The latest drawing took place on Friday, April 12, and our winners were Johnny Barbato '29, Nathan Lennon '27, Carter Richmond '25, Owen Morgan '25 and Ava Thoreson '27.

    In honor of National Scrabble Day on April 13, the sixth graders enjoyed playing a modified version of the game. Many of the teachers and staff wore Scrabble letters as the students tried to record who wore which letter and the letter’s value. Students then tried to decipher the challenge phrase using the letters and also calculate its point value. The students also tried to create as many words as they could from the letters they discovered around the building and then calculated those values. Triple word score, triple letter score, double word score, and double letter score bonus cards were hidden throughout the building to help with scoring strategy.
  • Columbian Traditions Shared

    During their Spanish classes, the students in Mrs. Russell’s Pre-K class and in Grade 4 enjoyed presentations by Mrs. Adriana Mascha, a native of Colombia, and her son Emmanuel, a kindergartener in Mrs. Russell’s class. They graciously shared some of their cultural traditions, including dance, food and coffee. Fourth graders also enjoyed learning about Columbian traditions as they smelled Columbian coffee beans and tried a Colombian song and game, “El Puente Está Quebrado” (“The Bridge is Broken”). ¡Qué divertido! How fun!  ¡Muchas gracias, Señora Mascha!
  • Invention Convention

    Sixth-grade inventors showcased their problem-solving skills and creativity at the 10th annual Rubber Band Invention Showcase! Students created inventions for the National Rubber Band Contest and presented their prototypes to Lower School classes. The students had such fantastic designs and they marketed their products handily! Pictured is Lauren Ludlow '25, whose Game Bumpers invention was a school-wide favorite and solved the problem of having your dice fly off the table on family board game night!  Kudos to the sixth-grade students on this STEM project.
  • Living the Gilmour Mission

    Last week, the sixth-grade class traveled to Cornerstone of Hope Bereavement Center in Independence for a morning of service. The class toured the beautiful grounds and facilities learning how Cornerstone was founded and how they help grieving families. The group filled Easter eggs and decorated paper bags for their annual Easter Egg Hunt and breakfast for families in need. It was a lovely day of service and prayer rooted in our Holy Cross mission.
    The fourth and fifth graders will be joining Holy Angels Parish in Chagrin Falls to assist with their “WE CAN” food drive.WE CAN all help by contributing to this important corporal work of mercy, “feeding the hungry.”  The students will travel to Holy Angels on Monday, April 29 to sort, package and organize all the canned goods collected at the Lower School. Fr. Max, the pastor, will bless the food and lead them in Mass. They will then load the food and deliver it to the Chagrin Falls Park food pantry on their way back to school. We hope you will join us in extending our Gilmour hospitality and Lenten almsgiving. “WE CAN” DONATE AND SERVE OTHERS.  Our drive will run from April 8-April 29.
  • Girl Scouts Exploring Cybersecurity and Robotics at the Lower School

    The Girl Scouts have been meeting at the Lower School on a regular basis and have tackled some exciting topics within the areas of cybersecurity and robotics. Read Mrs. Johnson’s recap of everything they’ve been up to!
    The first three Girl Scout meetings focused on earning three badges on cyber security. The first badge was cyber security basics. The troop discussed how to use technology, what technology can do, how to create layers of security, real life safety rules for when online and how messages travel on the Internet. The group learned vocabulary such as the meaning of cyber security.
    The next badge was cyber security safeguards. The girls learned that a lot of information passes through computers - names,addresses, etc. - and how to keep information private online. They learned about sharing information, what is safe to share online and the need to be careful about who to trust online. They also tested their knowledge of online safety rules.
    The third cyber security badge was the cyber security investigator. The girls learned that computers use codes to send information. They investigated what’s real and fake in certain photos, learned about digital footprints, investigated how computer viruses can spread and explored a cyber attack.
    The following three badges were on Brownie robotics. The troop learned the basics about programming robots at the first meeting. They created simple machines, learned about robot senses and learned the basics of programming. Each girl drew their prototype robot and shared with the group what their robots would do. They learned the six ways that robots move and the proper name for each and they learned vocabulary words such as prototype, algorithm, program and debugging.
    The next meeting was for designing robots. The girls learned how robots imitate nature and learned about the parts of a robot. They discussed that once engineers create a prototype, they test it to find ways to improve and redesign their new products.
    The last badge was called showcasing robots. The troop learned four interesting things that you can do if you’re a robotics engineer. They discussed that when they get to Middle School and Upper School, they can join a robotics team and compete with their very own robots. The highlight of the last meeting was when Mr. Vanek came in and taught the girls how to code on a laptop and then transfer the code to the robot and watch the robot in action. He set out cones and taught them how to program the robots to weave in and out of the cones by including the correct amount of straights and turns by trial and error. All the girls were very excited to watch their robots move based on how they entered the codes.
    It was such an exciting time to be able to expose the girls to the wonderful educational opportunities at such an early age. Thank you to everyone at GA who supports us and allows us to meet after school!
  • A Trip to Portugal

    Mrs. Russell’s class “travels“ around the world. The kindergarteners spent an afternoon in Portugal with our tour guide, Olive Hughes ’31. She taught us how to make Pastel De Nata. Yum!
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