• October

    Jack-o’-Lantern Jamboree

    Friday, October 30
    The Jack-o’-lantern Jamboree will be a fun, yet safe, Halloween-themed celebration held at the Lower School, with activities planned throughout the day. Check out this flyer for the details on all the activities!
    Students, faculty and staff may wear costumes or dress down in Halloween colors for Jack-o’-Lantern Jamboree Day. (Be sure to follow the costume rules on the flyer.) Happy Halloween!
  • Junior Sailfish Swim Lessons Offered for LS Students

    In January 2020, Gilmour acquired ownership of the Great Lake Sailfish Swim Club and we are excited to announce that we will be offering swim lessons to our Gilmour families after school. The lesson program is called Junior Sailfish.

    There will be three (3) levels of Junior Sailfish lessons offered, beginning Tuesday, November 3. Lessons will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 33:30-4:15 p.m. and participants will be bused from the Lower School to the pool. See this flyer for all the details. Register today!
  • Lower School Suncatchers

    Ms. Dawn’s Toddler class collected a variety of leaves and flowers and then used the magnifying glass to get a closer look. After they dried the flowers, they made beautiful sun catchers on their classroom windows.
  • Lancer Lottery

    Last Friday, the Lower School was excited to celebrate our first Student Recognition Community Block of the school year. Even though we weren't able to gather in person, each grade was able to connect through Zoom to celebrate student accomplishments, including our VIP (Very Important Progress) certificate recipients, and our Lancer Lottery milestone and drawing winners.
    VIP Recipients
    Teddy Gainar '27, Michael Hayek '27, Anthony Martin '27, Kate Papczun '27, Sarah Richmond '27, Ava Thoreson '27, Henry Hannibal '28, Quinn Kilkenney '28, Francie Pizmoht '28, Frankie Sustar '28, Andrew LeRoy '29, Sara Pandya '29, Maura Kilkenney '30, James Pace '30, Alex Savron '31, Mary Kate Carroll '32, Journey Davis '32, Addy Malanaphy '33, Alex Nalmpantis '33, Sophia Nemeth '33, Connor Pinto '33, Alexa Sebuke '33, Alexis DeCrane '34, Nicolas Chiellino '36 and Vera Rose Yost '36
    Lancer Lottery Winners
    5 ticket milestone: Sara Pandya '29 and Liz Savron '29 
    Lancer Lottery drawing: Thomas Daly '27, Delaney Kilkenney '27, Berkley Kraus '29, Emmanuel Mascha '32 and Isabella Woodhouse '30
  • March

    Dr. Seuss' Birthday

    Ms. Dawn's and Ms. Kathy’s Toddler class celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday last week. Many of the children brought in books from home to share with their peers. The children made strawberry and banana kabobs. They all agreed it was a delicious snack.
  • Fifth Grader Part of Championship Hockey Team

    Congratulations are in order! Nate Griffith '27 and his Gilmour Gladiators team won the CSHL Squirt B2 Championship this past weekend!
  • Green Eggs and Ham

    Monday, March 2 was Dr. Suess’ birthday. To celebrate, Mrs. Russell’s class listened to the story “Green Eggs and Ham” and then enjoyed eating green eggs (sourced from our Gilmour chickens!) and ham. The children tried the tasty treats to see if they agreed with Sam I Am and most decided they “do like green eggs and ham!”
  • Lancer Lottery

    During Community Block, we recognized the following Lancer Lottery and ticket milestone winners.
    Lancer Lottery Winners: Riley Boylan '26, Angela Kerwood '26, Evan Lindley '27, Jackson Kraus '29 and Megan Flaherty '30
    5-Ticket Milestone: Joel Vaughan '26, Ava Gundling '26, Teddy Gainar '27, Casey Lennon '30, Mariana Cutler '31, Rory Johnson '31, Grant Gabel '31 and Braxton Malanaphy '32
    10-Ticket Milestone: Joel Vaughan '26, Ava Gundling '26, Zara Zai '26, Riley Boylan '26, Matthew Lewis '27, Iulius Braho '27, Lon'Cherie Billingsley-Ballard '27, Anthony Martin '27, Nate Griffith '27, Jackson Kraus '29, Berkley Kraus '29, Eli Hamburg '30 and James Pace '30
    15-Ticket Milestone: Ellie Zorska '26, Roma Alvarez '26, Riley Boylan '26, Holly McCarthy '27, Alex Kish '27, Nyla Edwards '27, Matthew Lewis '27 and Marty Klang '29
    20-Ticket Milestone: Morgan Pfundstein '27
    VIP (Very Important Progress) Recipients: Winston Monda '34, Grant Gabel '31, Henry Turk '29, Jackson Kraus '29, Connor Kulis '28, Jack Newman '28, Lauren Bell '28, Nyla Edwards '27, Morgan Pfundstein '27, Sarah Richmond '27, Delaney Kilkenney '27, Teddy Gainar '27, Evan Lindley '27, Lon'Cherie Billingsley-Ballard '27, Theophany Ksenyak Goudas '27, Cole Keller '27, Casey Nakhooda '26, Tim Lennon '26, Nathan Lindley '26, Angela Kerwood '26, Zara Zai '26, Joel Vaughan '26, Riley Boylan '26, Will Scott '26, Ava Gundling '26 and Roma Alvarez '26
  • February

    "Beauty and The Beast" Schedule For Cast, Crew and Band

  • "Beauty and the Beast" Ticket Information

    We hope that you will ‘Be Our Guest’ and join us for Disney’s "Beauty and the Beast, Jr." More than 80 students in Grades 6 through 8 are working hard to make this show come to life. Be sure to mark your calendars. Performances will run Thursday, Friday and Saturday, March 5 - 7 at 7 p.m. The Middle School will run a special performance for the Lower School students on Thursday, March 5 during the school day.

    General Admission tickets can be purchased (cash or check made payable to Gilmour Academy) starting this Monday, March at the theater prior to performances. The Box Office opens at 6 p.m. and the theater at 6:30 p.m. Parents and students can also purchase tickets from Mrs. Massey in the Middle School main office between 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. next week.
  • Candlemas

    Sixth graders enjoyed a special treat to celebrate El Dia de la Candelaria. Will Scott '26 brought tamales and biscochitos (cookies that are similar to snickerdoodles.)

    Will and his family are from New Mexico and his parents came in for the celebration and explained how spices and Mexican food in New Mexico are different, and have distinct flavors. Students LOVED the tamales and biscochitos, and we are so grateful to Will and his family for this generous contribution to our Spanish class!  ¡Muchísimas gracias!
  • Heart and Mind

    February 24 – February 28  
    Charism of the month: Hospitality 
    Financial: It was pay day for classroom jobs! Students are saving money for some great items to choose from!

    Academic: Learned to share their voice while discussing a topic and having a debate about it
    Physical: Learned what a healthy heart means through a variety of exercises, finding your heart rate and adapting to change unhealthy habits
    Social Emotional: Developed and maintained healthy relationships through positive words or actions and understanding the effects of peer pressure and how to navigate it
    Spiritual: Identified ways to show hospitality to those around us and identified hospitality traditions within our families
    Community Block: Student recognition!
  • Progress Reports

    Progress Reports for students in Grades 1-6 have been released for the 4th grading period and are now accessible on the portal.

    The fourth-grade class worked on another great project with Ms. Dawn’s and Ms. Kathy’s Toddler class. They made picture frames and added photos of the children working with their buddies. The toddlers have built such beautiful relationships with their older peers this school year!
  • Great Backyard Bird Count

    For the fifth year, Gilmour joined the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society in the Great Backyard Bird Count! This annual count creates a snapshot of the distribution and abundance of birds throughout the nation. It is the first online citizen science project to collect data on wild birds. Fifth-grade students taught the younger grade levels how to identify the campus birds and how to use binoculars in the search! They saw 10 different kinds of birds, but the star of the day was the red-bellied woodpecker, who stuck around all day for the count.

    Ms. Gallagher, Gilmour's Wellness Director, visited all the Montessori classes and spoke to the children about nutrition. Each child had the opportunity to make a fruit skewer and then eat it! All agreed it was delicious!
  • Heart and Mind Wellness

    Charism of the month: Hospitality 

    Financial: This week, there was a Pay Day! The Gilmour Spirit Store opens next week for shopping!

    Academic: Learned to create the right environment for students to do their homework or study by making a mini design of what this space would look like.

    Physical: Students have been walking the Gray Wellness loop around the Lower School. The goal is at least 4 times around the loop.

    Social Emotional: Ask your child about the religious guest speaker, Maggie Greg.

    Spiritual: Students reflected, wrote and illustrated loving examples to others.

    Community Block: LSPO brought in Valentine's Day treats!
  • Robotics ThrowDown

    Recently, 33 Gilmour Lower Schoolers in Grades 4-6 competed at the 5th annual CCIS Robotics ThrowDown at Andrews Osborne. The students were instructed to come with nothing built, build all morning and battle all afternoon! All their programming work in robotics class paid off as Anthony Martin '27, Cole Keller '27 and Evan Lindley '27 won the Grades 4-5 division!   
  • Registration for Camp Gilmour Summer Camp Offerings Is Open!

    Camp Gilmour offers Preschool Camp (ages 3-5), Day Camp (ages 5-12), sports and experiential camps such as nature, outdoor adventure, robotics and theater camps, and more.

    Camps offered June 1-July 31.

    Enrichment courses available. Optional complimentary enrichment or tutoring offered each morning for day campers. 

    Before/After Care available - 7:15 a.m. - 6 p.m.

  • Potato Olympics

    The fifth- and sixth-graders put their math skills to work as they competed in the Potato Olympics. Each student created a Potato athlete, complete with an original narrative written by the student. After the Opening Ceremonies, the potato athletes "competed" in a series of Olympic events ranging from the 100 cm dash to the luge. At each event, students collected data and were then tasked with calculating a variety of measurements of central tendency, such as median, mean, mode and range, for each data set.
  • January

    Heart and Mind - Financial Wellness

    The Student Spirit Store is open for business! Grades 1 through 6 brought their Lancer Bucks or Lancer debit card to the store if they were ready to make a purchase. Some students are saving their money for a big-ticket item, while others took advantage of the smaller items. Students truly showed they are gaining an understanding of what it means to earn, save and calculate their money and will have the opportunity to shop three more times this year!
  • I Have a Dream

    In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., members of the Student Leadership Club had the fantastic idea to transform the Exhibition Hall into an "I Have A Dream" floor. Members of the Lower School community were able to share their own dreams for how we can all follow in Dr. King's vision and the Gilmour mission of creating a more humane and just society.
  • Report Cards

    Semester 1 report cards for Lower, Middle and Upper School students will be available online by 4 p.m. on Wednesday, January 22. If you have trouble accessing grade reports, please contact Jim Gutowski at (440) 473-8138 or gutowskij@gilmour.org.
  • Women in STEM Brings Study to Life for First Graders

    On Tuesday, the Women in STEM Club helped Mrs. Pestotnik’s first-grade class with a science experiment. The girls explained what blubber is and why it is important for animals in the arctic. Together, they tested how blubber keeps animals warm using Crisco, a fatty, blubber-like substance, and creating a “blubber glove” to wear while dipping their hand into icy water, allowing them to see firsthand the importance of blubber!
  • Winter WonderDay

    Sunday, January 26, 12-2 p.m., Lower School
    Join us for Winter WonderDay, our Lower School Community Open House, for a fun-filled afternoon of hands-on activities:

    - battling custom-built robots in our battle bots arenas and learning how to program using Minecraft 
    - a mini putt-putt course, trampolines, basketball, shuffleboard and other physical activities in the gym
    - the chance to try out instruments from around the world and participate in a drum circle in the music room
    - reading to trained service dogs in the library
    - making prayer intention bracelets inscribed with the names of family members or friends
    - the chance to complete a “make-and-take” in our drawing center, create a Chihuly-inspired bowl form, or to build and create a sculpture in our sculpture center 
    - inspecting a beehive and dressing up in a beekeeper suit!

    You’ll also be able to check out what the other grade levels have been up to and see firsthand how the exciting enhancements to the curriculum are being implemented in the Lower School! 
    We hope you’ll bring your friends and neighbors, too, and let them see what makes our Lower School so special! 

    In order to help spread the word, your child brought home several postcards for you to hand out to family and friends (there was also a separate postcard included for you with all the event details to hang on your refrigerator or bulletin board). Additionally, we handed out yard signs. We’d love if you’d place one in your yard to help advertise this fun family event. If you didn’t receive one or live in a busy area and could use extra signs, feel free to stop in to the school office to pick one (or more) up!

    Thanks for your help getting the word out and we look forward to seeing your family at Winter WonderDay on Sunday, January 26!
  • Gilmour Spirit Store

    The students in Grades 1-6 toured the new Gilmour Spirit Store this week. They will decide what they would like to purchase with the Lancer Bucks they earn doing their classroom jobs. Special times will be set up for the students to shop.
  • Heart and Mind

    Charism of the month: Zeal 
    Financial: The students enjoyed pay day for their classroom jobs!

     The students got their brains working by focusing and collaborating with tangrams.  

    Physical: The students got moving with healthy fitness exercises and dance videos!

    Social Emotional: The students set, monitored, adapted and evaluated goals to achieve success in school and life.

    Spiritual: The students learned and now understand what Zeal is through God’s words and coloring.
  • Congratulations!

    Congratulations to Thomas Daly '27, the Northeast Ohio Winner of the River Valley Paper Company calendar contest! Students had the opportunity to enter the contest by creating a poster that creatively encourages paper recycling.
  • They Heard It From the Pros

    This year, fifth-grade students had the unique opportunity to hear from several real-life STEM professionals as part of their Career Exploration unit. First, students researched and wrote about careers ranging from zoologists to astronauts, then created a career person that resembled their future selves. 

    Upon hearing from our special guests - an aerospace engineer, a nurse and a software engineer - students had the perfect model for sharing their own career people with Grades K-2. To top it off, students were surprised when they came back from break to find that all of their individual questions were personally answered by our STEM speakers via emails and were shared with the whole class.
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