By the time students leave the Middle School, they have already completed several high school graduation requirements, paving the way for a greater personalization of curriculum which allows students to focus on their passions and take higherlevel and AP courses earlier.    Students are better equipped academically and socially for the rigors of high school, making the transition easier and enabling them to hit the ground running. As Middle Schoolers, students become acquainted with the high school environment and at ease with Gilmour’s block scheduling.    Middle School Advantage PDF
Middle School Advantage 2022-2023 Course Trajectory
  7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th
MATH Pre-Algebra Algebra I
credit awarded 
Geometry Algebra II Functions AP Calculus AB
Algebra I
credit awarded
credit awarded
Algebra II Functions AP Calculus AB
AP Statistics
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics
SCIENCE Science 7 Science 8 Physics Chemistry  Biology AP options
Science 7 Physics Chemistry
AP Physics I
(Alg II co-req)
AP Chemistry
AP Physics I 
AP Chemistry
AP Biology
AP Physics I
AP Physics C
FOREIGN LANGUAGE Spanish I Spanish I Spanish II Spanish III AP Spanish Conversational Spanish
Spanish I Spanish I Latin I
French I
Mandarin I
Latin II
French II
Mandarin II
Latin III
French III
Mandarin III
Latin IV
French IV
Mandarin IV
Art 8 &
credit awarded 
Fine Arts - 1 semester      

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