Nurture your child’s inherent love of learning at Gilmour Academy Lower School, where our holistic approach to education celebrates curiosity and delights in discovery.
Gilmour Lower School students thrive in our welcoming atmosphere designed to educate the whole child by promoting academic, spiritual, emotional and physical growth. Subject-level experts and caring support staff meet each child where they are and guide them to where they want to go.

Experiential learning is woven through the curriculum daily. On any given day, our Lower School students can be found in a small-group music lesson, working with practicing scientists or engineers, or learning the intricacies of coding. Living a lesson rather than just reading about it allows for the deepest levels of engagement.

Teachers at the Lower School teach their discipline to the same children for two years, fostering strong relationships with their students and providing more personalized and meaningful challenges.

From the start of first grade to the end of sixth, we teach our students how to learn, not just what to know, supporting them as they ask big questions and seek the answers.


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  • Social and Emotional Awareness

    • Students are given ample opportunities to socialize with and learn from older students, who, in turn, help model social grace and courtesy.

    • In grades 1-4, classroom walls are open, promoting collaboration, self-awareness, respect for others, and focus - even through distractions
  • Academic Excellence

    • Small class sizes and dynamic student-faculty relationships ensure each child is supported and challenged.

    • Cutting-edge lessons, research opportunities and hands-on projects taught by industry experts cultivate an early passion for learning.
  • Spiritual Awakening

    • Religious curriculum and an emphasis on spirituality fosters an atmosphere of tolerance and dignity and encourages students to reflect on how they may use their unique talents to serve others.

    • Class service trips encourage social responsibility, increase social awareness, build self-esteem and encourage friendships and relationships.
  • Effective Communication Skills

    • Regular classroom presentations, creative performances and integrated lessons on social grace prove no age is too young to begin practicing public speaking.

    • Authentic letter exchanges with international penpals teach students about cultural differences as well as foreign language.
  • Creativity and Problem-Solving

    • Cooperative project learning requires students to work together and apply knowledge from multiple disciplines to complete complex performance tasks.

    • Arts education exposes Lower School students to music theory, keyboard, voice, band, drama and more, both inside the classroom and through immersive trips and experiences.
  • Confidence and Independence

    • Exposure to individual and team sports, including ice skating and swimming in our world-class facilities, develops coordination and self-confidence.

    • Overnight class trips to Colonial Williamsburg and New York City encourage safe exploration and the joy of new experiences.
  • Curiosity and a Love of Learning

    • Integrated curriculum breaks down barriers between subject areas, helping students to make connections and encouraging them to ask how and why more than what and when.

    • A focus on entrepreneurship and innovation involves even our youngest students, who are encouraged to set goals, take calculated risks and realize real rewards through projects like National Lemonade Day.

Grade-Level Highlights

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  • 1st

    • 1:1 iPad program (grades 1-2)
    • Zero the Hero adventures in math
    • Moon Mission research project
    • First-grade Spanish
  • 2nd

    • Famous American inventors research project
    • Author studies
    • Formal vocal music instruction
    • Religious preparation for holy sacraments
  • 3rd

    • 1:1 HP Mini netbook program (grades 3-6)
    • Snowboard design project
    • Class visit from Western Reserve Historical Society
    • Choral ensemble
  • 4th

    • Coding courses begin
    • Overnight immersion at Ohio’s only national park
    • Gilmour Aquarium exhibit
    • Spanish-language letter exchange with Chilean students
    • Testing architectural design on actual earthquake simulator
  • 5th

    • Annual class trip to Colonial Williamsburg or New York City
    • LEGO Robotics building and programming
    • Participation in national math competitions
    • Endangered species project
  • 6th

    • Annual class trip to Colonial Williamsburg or New York City
    • Visits to Natural History Museum and Great Lakes Science Center
    • National History Day research project
    • Twice-weekly practice with Middle School band

Blessed Father Basile Moreau

“How we educate the mind will change with the times; how we cultivate the heart is and will remain timeless.”

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  • Photo of Jay Fowler

    Mr. Jay Fowler 

    Director of the Lower School and Montessori Programs
    (440) 473-8000 x6118
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    Ms. Kathleen (Gang) Rini 

    Administrative Associate
    (440) 473-8000 x6004
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    Mrs. Lois Boyer 

    Administrative Assistant, LS
    (440) 473-8000 x6005

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phone: (440) 473-8000

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An independent, Catholic, coed, day and boarding school in the Holy Cross tradition. Toddler-Grade 12.