2023-24 Mission Theme

Divine Providence

We are excited to embrace the 2023-24 Mission theme of Divine Providence. This charism invites us to recognize God's presence in our world and in ourselves. Having the competence to see the beauty, goodness, and hope that surrounds us, we must find the courage to live intentionally and to respond to others with love in order to create a more humane and just society.
To help us embrace our Mission Theme with competence and courage, we will also be focusing on the Graduation Outcome of Living as an Empathetic, Engaged Global Citizen. Knowing that God loves each of us completely and irrevocably, we are challenged to embrace others and ourselves with empathy and compassion. Filled with God’s grace, we find the courage to actively create a community where everyone is not only welcomed, but embraced in a way that they know they belong.
Lily Sell '25 delivers a speech to the freshmen at Freshman Orientation about this year's theme of Divine Providence and the ways God has been present in her life at Gilmour.
An independent, Catholic, coed, day and boarding school in the Holy Cross tradition. Toddler-Grade 12.